Step 4: Coverings for legs

Picture of Coverings for legs
Now that the legs are completed, you will probably notice the fact that the edges have holes from where the gaps are in the cardboard ( refer to pic) What I did for these, is I took the width of the leg, and made 2mm thick cardboard strips to cover it. Taking glue and water, I wet each strip down, then bent it to the contours of the cardboard, giving it the look of a solid, molded piece. while the cardboard was in place, I glued it down and waited for it to dry. 

Now, if you were fortunate enough to trace the leg design, and the cardboard strips onto white paper before, simply cut those out and paste them onto the cardboard frame. When finished, this should give the apperance of a solid white leg, and should not resemble cardboard. (If you skipped the tracing, simply lay the leg out on white paper and trace it now, but the edging will be a bit difficult