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Introduction: R3 Underbite

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Ricardo's Revolver Rifle (R3) "Underbite"

This is basically a modded version of my previous gun (The Rasp) with a turret and a stock. I call it Underbite because of the attachment rail under the turret. As this is based off the Rasp it has a similar range of around 35 ft. with one band (about 50 ft. with two), depending on the ammo. The blue ammo is experimental, but I've found that it tends to have better range and slightly better accuracy than a blue rod alone, and at lower power it has better range than oodammo (but way less accurate).

Features a removable turret stabilizing "dog nose", attachment rail, attachable slant grip, and my improved Orange Sight.

Step 1: Close Ups

A few close up pics to help you get an idea of how it's built.

Turret, internals and trigger mech, stock, and firing pin.

Step 2: Accessories

The first three pictures are of the dog nose turret stabilizer. This just clips onto the front to stiffen the rod holding the turret. Large enough for ammo up to blue rods and can be removed for larger ammo. Really helps with accuracy when rapid firing smaller ammo, or when you're moving. And i call it "dog nose" because that's what it reminds me of. Use your imagination, you'll see it.

The fourth pic is of the slant grip that clips onto the rail at the front of the gun, and the last two photos are of the Improved Orange Sight.



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    looks like the Racker Rifle

    Also, thanks for the orange sight love lol

    That darn handle...I couldn't make a sturdy, comfortable handle that I liked so I just recycled it from my last build with minor changes. Not an excuse, just an explanation.

    Good job, it's a nice design. Handle looks like it needs work but I like how you've attached the turret.

    Oh, forgot to mention is that handle not just a little uncomfortable

    Looks great! I really like your building style. And that orange sight is awesome. :)

    I also favorited.

    Wow, this is really good! Great job, Favorited!