“The whole world is watching, so dress for it!”

The Radical Snuggie is a DIY Winter-Resistant Protest Garment.

Between raids and rain, many occupiers are struggling with improvised winterization. Why cover yourself in a garbage bag when you could model an eye-catching Radical Snuggie made with tear-resistant, fashionable shower curtains? Make your occupation comfy. Stay (quite) warm and (kinda) dry in a Radical Snuggie.

Radical Snuggies are imminently customizable to withstand the authority assault weapons of choice in your locale.

This Instructable, Radical Snuggie Add-Ons, provides a sampler of extra features for turning your Radical Snuggie into a Swiss army knife of resistance!

Remember, you need to make a Radical Snuggie before you can add-on to it.

Check out Radical Snuggies in a Nutshell, a simple Instructable that walks you through the Radical Snuggie’s basic principles.

Or, if you want to take your Radical Snuggie to the next level, check out The Complete Radical Snuggie, a step-by-step guide to create your own Radical Technicolor Dream Snuggie, using basic sewing skills and inexpensive materials from your local dollar store.

Step 1: Gas Mask Hoodie

Step 2: Shower Curtain Cowl Neck for Defense Against Casually Pepper Spraying Everything Cops

Step 3: Insulated Milk Pocket for Snacks or Pepper Spray Relief

Step 4: Keychain Plastic Letter Opener Slices Kettling Like Butter

Step 5: Baton Parrying Device

Awesomesauce! I should have checked the add-ons before suggesting my own I guess. <br><br>One thing I don't understand though is the letter opener to cut through 'kettling'. In Canada, kettling is when the Police surround a group of civilians in a big box, then arrest everyone inside. Do you mean plastic cuffs maybe? <br><br>If you are suggesting using trash can lids as shields, you might also want to consider bicycle helmets and motorcycle helmets as well. <br><br>There are lots of suggestions for home-made armour for protestors if you google &quot;Bodyhammer self-defence'.

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