“The whole world is watching, so dress for it!”

The Radical Snuggie is a DIY Winter-Resistant Protest Garment.

Between raids and rain, many occupiers are struggling with improvised winterization. Why cover yourself in a garbage bag when you could model an eye-catching Radical Snuggie made with tear-resistant, fashionable shower curtains? Make your occupation comfy. Stay (quite) warm and (kinda) dry in a Radical Snuggie.

Special design features include:

* Elastic drawstring transforms your Radical Snuggie into a warm, dry sleeping sac at night *

* Or, simply sleep standing up in a mobile cocoon, avoiding those pesky new “park rules”

* Layer-look adds heft for burning off extra Occu-Pie and PBJ calories as you hoist this monster Snuggie about

* Plus, Velcro signage lets you rest your weary arms on marches *

* Built-in scarf turns your witty political statement into a jaunty fashion statement *

* More Special Add-Ons make your Radical Snuggie imminently customizable to withstand the authority assault weapons of choice in your locale *

This Instructable, Radical Snuggies in a Nutshell, walks you through the basic principles of the Radical Snuggie. Make one today for yourself, for a loved one, or to donate to the cause.

Want to take your Radical Snuggie to the next level? Check out The Complete Radical Snuggie, a step-by-step guide to create your own Radical Technicolor Dream Snuggie, using basic sewing skills and inexpensive materials from your local dollar store.

Still want more? Try on our Radical Snuggie Add-Ons, a sampler of extra features for turning your Radical Snuggie into a Swiss army knife of resistance!


- Vinyl Shower Curtains
- Blankets (with or without sleeves)
- Duct Tape

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More by buildtheoccupation:THE COMPLETE RADICAL SNUGGIE: OCCUPY (quite) WARM and (kinda) DRY! RADICAL SNUGGIE ADD-ONS: OCCUPY (quite) WARM and (kinda) DRY! 
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