Picture of RAISED vegetable bed with storage underneath
 How to make a "raised up" raised vegetable bed with storage underneath . 
In a small garden, space is always at a premium so here is how I have  a simple idea to maximising the space. 

Step 1: The wooden bed: materials

Old bunk bed (slats)
Other wood will also be required 
wooden crate
Old plastic shower curtain
Hollow fibre stuff used for quilting
Porous woven material , I used an old tarpaulin but have used builders bulk delivery bag
Wood preserver, .
Candor5 years ago
I did this project before even seeing this! RV stores receive most of their shipments in wooden boxes about this size and shape. Simply cut a hole in the side to let the water drain out, and add legs. In my case, I used milk boxes I got from the local convenience store, and stapled a heavy duty garbage bag to the bottom of the box, and a bucket under the hole. This is actually my indoor seed starting table.
l8nite5 years ago
 This is a great idea and perfect for ppl with bad backs as well as a space multiplyer. Am I right in assuming the plastic is to make it easier to water all the containers?
pippa5 (author)  l8nite5 years ago
 The plastic is to keep some moisture under the plants esp in hot dry weather and to reduce water run off and therefore waste
SinAmos5 years ago
Not sure about your instructable, but I love your lil garden.
I think I will tray. Thanks
lemonie5 years ago
Looks good, and effective.