RAM Comb: Silicon Sweetness





Introduction: RAM Comb: Silicon Sweetness

This is an Instructable on transforming an old stick of RAM into a comb for slick, silicon stylin'. So gut an old computer and get some RAM!

Things needed:

NOTE: I really just made this for the sheer fun of it, so if you experience discomfort or lose all of you hair because of this comb, it's all on you.

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Step 1: Get It, Cut It, & Finish It

Pretty much it. You can cut based on the metal notches already there and vary it if you want it thicker/thinner. So bust out your Dremel and get to it. I also added pointier tops to the teeth.

After that, wash that sucker off and clean it well. Then it's ready as a gift or geeky trinket.



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Questions & Answers


i'd cover it in clear polyurethane laquer just to make sure

hi. can someone please tell me if RAM definatly does or doesn't have lead in. i dont really want and answer of i think it contains lead. Thanks all of you. I want to make one and use it but i want to be safe than sorry

Why am I unable to paste in instructable reply windows? *Wahh* :'-(
Ah.. it's pasted now.. but the formatting has gone a little wacky.

To clear up the lead issue: 
If the comb is more of a proof of concept thing, that won't be used everyday (I could not use a comb like that, my hair would get caught in the tines and chip legs and stuff), then I wouldn't worry about lead.
Having lead in your house won't hurt you (how many people have computers and electronics in their homes?). It's ingesting it (like touching it and then eating/breathing in and swallowing lead dust) and breathing in the fumes when heating it that is dangerous.
Recently, lead-free solder is more widely used, but many people still use lead solder in amateur projects because it's a lot easier to work with. mikemmcmeans is correct - if it has ROHS printed on it, don't worry.
This comes verbatim off a reel of lead solder: 
"WARNING! This product CONTAINS LEAD which is a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. Lead may be harmful to your heath. Federal and State laws prohibit the use of lead solder in making joints in any private or public potable (drinking) water supply system. After handling solder, wash hands with soap and water before eating or drinking. Breathing flux fumes may cause respiratory system irritation or damage."

older (pre 2007ish) electronics usually have some kind if lead or something bad in them, but combing your hair with the ram comb shouldnt be too bad for you.

newer (2008ish) electronics usually have no lead or any hazardous materials in them. the best way to tell is the little silkscreen ROHS on the pcb, meaning anything on the board (chips caps resistors ect.) isnt hazardous.

dont go sucking on your pcb's tho...

don't these microelectronic parts usually contain lead solder, heavy metals, and other such nasty things? might wanna watch where all that dust is going...

gold plastic and silicon.

And copper, after slicing it up, I found copper in it

The solder where the chips are will have the lead. That being said this would be great for spicing up your desk decor or hanging off your computer case for decoration..

Isn't this dangerous for your health? I mean those RAM stick have Lead you know...

i use a big heavy Pentium pro or a pentium 233 with mmx