This will be full instructions on how I made Ratchet and clank with his wrench and the goldfish sonic eruptor burp gun weapon. I wore this to Anime North in Toronto May 30, 2010.



Two click lights or Lids of some kind for eyes
Two plastic bowls
Sports equipment (shoulder pads, leg pads, helmet, faceshield, snowboard bindings, kneepads)
leather gloves
scrap thin wood
fur (yellow and brown) half yard yellow, 4 inches brown
pooh stuffed animal
Two old computer Mice
tent window mesh
3 cans silver spraypaint (optional gold and blue, green)
hot glue
needle and thread
ffew dozen nuts and bolts washers, assorted screws
cheap masquerade mask
small angle brackets
yard of 1" dowelling
small doweling for connections (or a chopstick or two)
Several wooden cup shapes with 1" holes (I got at surplus cupboard handle store)
wooden wheels or equivalent
dollar store plastic toys for nuts and bolts
thin wire
some wired object for the tail (i used a long stuffed animal type flower)
duct tape
nerf gun
goldfish stuffed animal or equivalent
pipe clip or piece of tin
cheap mount climbing rope clips or keychain clips.


carpet/jack knife
drill (small bits and 1" bit)
glue gun
screwdrivers various

cost at thrift store prices <$200

Step 1: Building Clank

Clank  is Ratchet's robot buddy, who helps him out with various things, and rides on Ratchet's back like a backpack. In reality he snugs up his arms and legs like a turtle while being carried, but for showiness we are going to build him fully extended so he can be identified better.

When you attach him, make sure he sits straight up and down and low enough for you to move your head back without hitting HIS head. His feet should not ride on your butt or the will break off, so they must be fairly far forward.

Great job with your instructable! Ratchet and Clank are two of my favorite Playstation video game characters, and right now I'm currently designing a life size robotic version of Clank! Your instructable will really come in handy- thanks!
I love Ratchet and Clank. I have a bunch of other games for PS that just collect dust in the drawer!
i hope you understand what lifesized is. most people think ratchet is like 3 feet tall. the creators say he's like 5 something.
I know and I estimated that clank is roughly 1/2 the size of Ratchet, placing him at around 2 and 1/2 feet. However, I'm rounding it to around 3' 25'' since my mailbox is around 1.75 feet and the head bowl is around 25 inches.
should be neat.
You Fiend! May Angry Preschoolers Haunt You!
Omg man love the helmed!!!<br>awesome Job!!
yo! dude! saw you at AN! my god, you epic S O B (son of butcher) &lt;3<br><br>lol not a creeper, just a R&amp;C otaku
what is a con
a gathering of nerdlings dressed in the theme of the weekend (anime, startrek, sci fi, fantasy, medieval faire, etc)<br><br>CON-vention.
you bastered you mutated pooh bear &gt;:(
do you like ratchet and clank? <br>what games and console do u have
lucky i have the 'fat' ps2 and every ratchet and clank game made by isomniac games for the ps2 <br>high impact games sucks <br>what games do you have?
You Rock <br>
Sooooo close, yet so far. I do like it, though.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xS0N3OkEd2M&amp;feature=player_embedded video at anime north
AWESOME!!!! Simply AWESOME!!!<br />
Wow, great work!<br />
Omg! small world! I saw you at the con and thought you were most defs awesome &lt;3<br />
I like it!!!!!!!!!<br />

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