Step 11: Ratchet's Armour

Picture of Ratchet's Armour
The hardest part to find cheaply in May was the hockey shoulder pads, that I can usually get for 5 dollars closer to halloween when i usually collect them for various future projects. Being the beginning of summer, I had to get them outside of the thrift store market,  and got them at a "used sports store" and they were 25$ which is way more than I wanted to pay, but at the last minute I bit the bullet. (I much prefer the garage sale by bitter divorced wife sale of male sports equipment!)

I ripped the padding out of  some old hockey pants for the hip and tail armour, I had some old kneepads, I then got lucky on some snowboard bindings to make silver hover boots that I stole for 3$.   Everything got spraypainted silver which ate up 2 cans of silver spray paint.

I added some blue sections to the chest part, with some paint i had.

I used a batting helmet with the brim cut off, with a hockey visor for the helmet.