Step 5: Enjoy!

Remove the Sunbutter Cups from the freezer. Remove the liners and serve immediately. If you're not planning to eat them right away, keep them in the fridge. Because they are RAW and have coconut oil, they will melt more quickly than regular chocolate. 

<p>Waw, these treats look freaking delicious too! A must make sor sure!</p>
that looks awesome ! just a question about coconut oil : how much does it cost ? and where did you get it ?
You can buy it from most grocery stores. Try the baking isle or where they sell cooking oils. Also, you can try vitamin shops or an online source like Amazon. <br> <br>Prices vary depending on the brand. Anywhere from $7.99- $15.
These look really good - I love that they are dairy-free too. Thanks for posting!
Yum! I have all this stuff in my kitchen right now!
This is definitely my new favorite. recipe. It's good to have on hand in case I ever have a dessert debacle. I can whip these up super quick. :)

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