Before you ask, it will not be posted, as I've taken it apart.

It features:
Pin Guide
Mag Storage
Ironman69's mags
Working Bipod
Tactical Rails
It's also retardedly huge.

This is the big version. I plan to slim it down some in the next few days.
I also will be making some tactical rail accessories such as a slingshot, sights, etc.



New Video (It's Slimmed!)

People always sound like they're from Texas in K'Nex gun videos.<br>
what??????????? get your hearing checked !!!!!!!!!!
I'm Heavy Weapons Guy, and <em>this</em> is my weapon.&nbsp;
&nbsp;LOL was the huge gun's handle wobbly as hell???
Actually no, it was pretty sturdy.<br />
really??? i mean as far is holding it by JUST the handle???&nbsp;
Yeah.<br />
Too big. <br /> Make it shorter.<br />
&nbsp;thats what she said.<br /> <br /> LOLZ<br />
If it'll increase the range, I&nbsp;might make it shorter. But, for now, it's staying as is except for a height change.<br />
shorter = less barrel<br /> Less barrel = less friction<br /> less friction = more range<br />
The bullet does not touch the barrel, meaning there is no friction in the first place. It's not a stick barrel, you know.<br />
Sounds like no barrel<br />
Well, it's pretty much just an enclosed space the bullet travels through. <br />
AKA fake barrel. &nbsp;There is a term for such things, you 2.&nbsp; Make it shorter since it isn't needed.<br />
COOL! thanks for the credit... it does look a bit boxy though hahaaha 5*<br />
Your welcome. It's a bit boxy. <br />
<h3><strong><big>&nbsp;a bit??????</big></strong></h3>
&nbsp;LOL everytime i look at this i cant help but crack up!!!!!! its just so huge and ...and ... AND. LOL!!!!!
XD<br />
OMG&nbsp;YOU&nbsp;BOT&nbsp;THE&nbsp;VULCAN... its a waste of many it broke down on me and its very ugly... luckily was able to sell it back to walmart for my money back<br />
I&nbsp;have decided to remake this gun and make it a lot better.<br />
Looks too big. &nbsp;Lol@ the name.<br />
I guess I'll slim it down, then.<br />
i like the slimed one
&nbsp;Cough Thats what she said Cough
That joke is so old that its what she didn't say now.<br />
one word:huge!
&nbsp;Thats what she said!
i know that
this thing is huge!!!!!!!!!<br /> <br />
this is beastly, i hope you fix the range sometime soon<br />
Well, as of now, I've slimmed it down some (thanks for the suggestion, DJ) and added a slingshot. I just need to get the Ram gun working again.<br />
awesome dude! looks beefy, but good gun. :)<br />
isnt this just a show-off model gun to let see you got VERY&nbsp;VERY&nbsp;VERY&nbsp;many knex?also i need hekp for the AWP i am working on...i know how to make it but there is one problem: the bolt...can someone help me?
You could say that. If you need help with the bolt, see how the ZKAR v2 is made. It's bolt-action.<br />
How'd the ram break?<br />
The ram didn't, it just fired incorrectly, I&nbsp;suppose. Nothing broke, something didn't work right.<br />
FIX&nbsp;IT&nbsp;NAO&nbsp;LOLZ.<br />
&nbsp;nice gun<br /> i like the ram guide alot!!!<br /> 4 stars<br /> wow how many pieces does this use? guess plz!
Thank you very much. <br /> <br /> As for how many pieces? Uhm... I really don't know, but definitely 1000+.<br /> Although, I'm slimming it down and modding it, so it's probably a lot less by now.<br />
i need my green rods back you b*st*rd ... lol nah JK Raikou-san.... but i am making a slingshot shot gun tonight outa ronald mcdonald pieces<br />
LOL<br /> also your welcome and great job! i cant wait to see the new version cause i wouldnt be using this in a knex war as it is now. LOL i dont think i have that many white full moon connectors lol! :D
New version is in the video.<br />
&nbsp;sweet ill check it out :)
&nbsp;nice vid i have now rated 4.5
If you got the mag storage idea from me, make sure to give me credit. But it's a pretty basic idea, so I realize that you probably thought of it on your own.

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