Introduction: RBBR V.1 (Reds Bullpup Battle Rifle) (Update: Internal Pics)

Picture of RBBR V.1 (Reds Bullpup Battle Rifle) (Update: Internal Pics)

This is my first (working) bullpup, and I am totally happy with it. Now, I don't want to hear ANYTHING about how it should have an internal mag pusher, nor about how it shoots connecters. It is perfect the way it is. :-) Again credit goes to Sharir1701 for his FPMG. I think I might ask him if that can be the official "The Red Book of Westmarch" mag...hmm... Go take a look at the internals!

Great looks
Great feel
Nice 'n light
Quick ROF: 30 rds. per minuet
Good range: 30 - 50 ft.
Has carry handle
Mag is effective, quick to load into gun
10 rd mag
Room for two extra mags, behind the first
Sights work
Large pullback
Bullpup mech never fails

Mag takes a long time to load
Mag does not hold A LOT of bullets
Carry handle is rather frivolous
No cheek rest

Well, what do you guys think? Do you think it needs a video? This gun is a great gun muzzle loaded too, and my younger bro uses this as a rocket launcher, as his arms are not long enough. The "Sneak Preview" provides a view of my KAP-40 V.1...what do you think? Pretty awesome huh? Remember, if you want to know more about K'NEX guns, build a ton of them, and find a mentor. :-)

-The Red Book of Westmarch


Ya hurt your what? ? ?

hawk45 (author)2013-07-03

right handed? ok but could you make a left handed gun not too many pieces XD

Well, I am under the impression, good sir, that all guns are ambidextrous (you can hold them in either hand). Such is the case with this one.

E Pluribus Unum (author)2013-06-04

I remember when you had this built, it was pretty cool. It was not the best, but it was still cool.

Thanks bro. =D


Knex.X (author)2013-03-23

I LOVE this thing, best looking bullpup around!

Thanks man. I am glad you like it. BTW, hows your K'NEX building coming along?

Well, I'm currently making a gorkem style sniper rifle and I had a concept for a preloadable slingshot but it didn't work out

Awe, that is too bad. =(

Dude, the internal pics are right above...can't you make if from those? 0.-

dr. richtofen (author)2013-03-04

Knex.X (author)2013-02-05

I see you getting better every day but you've come at a point now where your guns should have a pin guide, pin with a female ball socket on the end and an internal magazine pusher.

Explain to me what you mean by "pin guide?" And I have no ball and socket pieces. As to the IMP, I chose to to use them because that are not as effective overall.

Internal mag pushers are not less effective. You could say they are harder to make good, but a good IMP should be just as good if not better than any old external pusher, plus the benefit of it being internal, making for much better comfort. Don't knock it 'till you've tried it man...

Well, your wrong there, IMP's are not more effective. If you have a mag pusher, that is still in the mag (it does not come out) but still has a rod coming out, it is easier to fix jams. If you are using an IMP bendy rod, you have to take apart one half of the mag to fix a jam.

Define "effective"... With a good magazine there shouldn't be any jams, first of all, and second, I never said anything about bendy rods. I despise bendy rod mags, that's why I always try to make mine with rubber band where possible. The only differences are aesthetic: looks, comfort, compactness etc.

Effective: Successful in producing a desired or intended result.

Anyway...Well, I don't like IMPs, because they are harder to fix when (and if) they jam, that's all.

By that definition any mag that successfully pushes the bullets up, even the worst possible mag, is "effective". Not really proving your point...

But I'm telling you, it shouldn't be too hard to make a mag that doesn't jam at all, it just takes a little bit of work. Plus, I don't really think you've given IMPs a fair shot. just try out one my IMPs and decide for yourself. If you say they're too complicated or something, they really aren't, but never mind. I also think you're just fearful of the unknown, as we all are. Just try it out.

...I don't really think I was trying to prove a point.

I don't like IMPs for several reasons:
1) The IMP (when it is not a bendy rod) must be long, if the mag well is deep. It must be long enough to push the bullets up, and it can't be to short, otherwise the rubber band pulling it up would pull it up into the mag well, and no further (and thus, you would have bullets still in the mag that could not reach the chamber).
2) When the IMP is a bendy rod, the same problem stated above will occur, unless the mag is formatted weird (example: CODawesome's M4 or your M17S). Take my 5.56 NATO mags (in my ISSC MK22, G36K ,and Magpul Masada), you cannot use any IMP (neither bendy rods nor pull up connecter mech) and those are the most accurate versions of a 5.56 NATO mag in 'ibles.

As to your IMP's (Example: S1, S2) I have scruples with each.
S1 IMP: Totally ruins the speed load time. Plus, you cannot do what I can do with my RCP mag, which is pre-load it with the bullets being pushed up against the mag top.
S2 IMP: You cannot pre-load, and it is not a mag, as it stays in the gun.

Does this all make sense? I have tried lots of different IMP types and disliked them all.

If you have a bullet lock (what you call a "mag top") that shouldn't happen in any scenario and even if you don't it shouldn't. I don't know where you're getting these ideas from... I agree, it's very complicated to make an IMP for a NATO mag, but it is possible, and I managed very well, if only I didn't break it down. However, that point I can accept.

As for my mags:
S1: You for sure built it incorrectly. My mag is meant for speed loading and it's one of the fastest mags I've ever seen. It absolutely does have a bullet lock so the bullets can be stored in it with no cocking or anything of the sort, being loaded very very quickly.
S2: True, but that's got nothing to do with the IMP, it's to do with the nature of the type of gun I built, and the IMP doesn't change a thing. IMO it makes loading easier and much more comfortable even with a stable mag. And the fact that the mag is not removable doesn't mean it's not a mag altogether. It's a stable or non-removable mag, but a mag indeed.

Except for the NATO point you still haven't provided me with a legitimate reason, so no, it doesn't make sense.

Wait wo wo wo, it happens, and it happens a lot. My point still stands that if you have a IMP that is pulled up by a rubber band, it requires certain unwanted attributes. I stand by my EMPs. As to a 5.56 NATO mag, I would have to see a IMP in it to believe it.

Yes, you may be able to load your S1 mag fast, but my RCP mag is still more effective. Sorry, but my mag ALWAYS pushes the bullets against the bullet lock. Yours requires you to put the mag in the gun, and then string the IMP. I hate that type of mag.

As to your S2, it is not a removable mag, so it does not apply to this situation. I don't see how you can remove the IMP and load a mag like that. I have made none-removable mags, and I extremely dislike them. First you have to shove in the bullets, and then they get jammed (Sorry, you can't tell me that your mag did not do this...every mag does), and require jiggling and wiggling to get the bullets right.

IMP's are a pain to figure out, they require (in the case of bendy rod IMPs, and some connecter pull IMPs) you to take off one side of the mag to fix jamming (every mag does ya know), and they generally take away from a gun's looks (as you know, I'm a looks guy). Point proved. :-)

Your point does not stand. No such attributes are required, a good magazine should never (seriously, never) jam and it is equally simple to make any changes to an IMP mag as it would be for an EMP mag. No offense, but I think out of the two of us, we can at the very least agree I have more experience with mechanisms and definitely more experience with IMPs. Take my word for it that nothing you said should happen on a well built IMP mag. Once again, your point about NATO mags stands, but otherwise I completely disagree. Sadly, I cannot provide any such proof because I broke it down quite a long time ago. I wish I hadn't, but right now it's as if I never built it, so disregard that comment.

Mine always pushes the bullets against the bullet lock as well and is no slower to load than any other IMP/EMP or otherwise mag. Again, my mag requires no such thing and I share your hatred for such mags. Your KAP-40 mag requires such a thing, but none of the mags I have ever built require such a thing. I always make my mags completely "self sufficient", if you will. Everything the mag does is built on the actual mag and you don't need to do anything to the mag once it's in the gun nor before or after that. Also, you've taken a bad example. My S1 mag is one of the fastest, most reliable mags there are and it is very self sufficient and comfortable to load, attach and detach.

You simply pull the pusher out of the bottom of the mag, but my S2 has a neater way of loading without having to do so. Anyway, except for the actual fact that they are not removable, such mags could be made identical to their removable counterparts. Again, my mag never jams, never did, never will, nor does it require any wiggling or jiggling. It's just a straight up magazine with no special attributes and no special dis-functionality or anything of the sort.

IMPs are not a pain to figure out, you just need to know how to make them and once you get the hang of it they're very simple. I hope for the last time, no mag should jam, never. Even in the case of a jam, there is no need to take off a panel, absolutely not. Last but not least, how in the world do IMPs take away from looks?? They were invented for comfort, fast action and looks. They're supposed to be an exact counterpart for EMPs just without the annoying rod sticking out the bottom, therefor, better looks and much better comfortableness.

I citate: 'A pin guide is a rod that is attached to the pin in such a way that the pin can still move. A pin guide prevents pin bending and other major problems guns have. With a pin guide you can attach more bands to your gun. Also, since the pin travels a straight way, less friction and more power are gained.
Pin guides are recommended on all k'nex guns except for handguns and smg's.'

Hmm...well, whatever you say. I don't like pin guides, they take away from the looks (and I am a looks kinda guy).

For a illustration of what Knex.x explained, view this gun: You see the black rod that runs over the stock? As you can see in this photo, the pin is connected to it via a grey connector. That is the pin guide

Sharir1701 (author)Knex.X2013-02-06

Why have you decided that more advanced guns should have a ball socket pin? I completely disagree, but the rest is true.

Knex.X (author)Sharir17012013-02-07

Agreed, it isn't necessary.
But think about it, the swagboss, the NAR, the tr18, the zkar v2 etc. They all have a ball socket pin.

Sharir1701 (author)Knex.X2013-02-08

That doesn't mean anything. All the guns you noted were built by a group of people that are very good friends in real life and had mutual influences on each others' building styles. They had overall very similar building styles and you could easily notice a lot of other similarities between the guns. Plus, who says they're the most advanced guns there are? I very much disagree there as well. The TR18 and the zkar are both awesome innovative guns (TR18 isn't that good as a build, but very innovative, but the zkar is one of my favorite weapons of all time. It's very good...), while the NAR and the swagboss are nothing but a strong, heavily reinforced structure with a *good* pin mechanism and feeding design, but are not advanced or much good (imho, or at least compared to nowadays) at all.

All that aside, the fact that they all have a ball socket pin isn't what makes them good or bad, it's just an unrelated side fact.

SYMEN (author)2013-02-04

Not bad......

Anything else to add? Thanks man.

lol, I would say the bullpup needs an internal pusher for the mag and it needs to shoot rods.XP

:-)....Saw that one coming.

lol, XD.

Element Force (author)2013-02-07


Thanks man.

Element Force (author)2013-02-07


Sharir1701 (author)2013-02-04

Very nice, both guns. Ha, I see what you did there... I see...! Yes, indubitably you may gain the rights for my awesometasticnessarray that is my mag (I honestly didn't like that mag that much, but if you do, that's supercalifragilisticexpialidotious). I also notice a slight resemblance between the mag plates that cover the trigger mech on both my SABR and M17S and this RBBR... Dare I say I like seeing my original designs/concepts being implemented on other people's guns? Yes, I dare! The pistol also looks awesome, though how you're gonna pull off that magazine with no front wall baffles me. Unless you're still unsure yourself, in which case I've just had an epiphany as I am typing that you could have that front mag wall on the actual gun in the same place it would have been on the magazine thus eliminating that THREAT. One last thing, who was your mentor? I know mine was a combo of Oblivitus and Kinetic...

Thanks man. I am glad that you approve. :-) I find your mag efficient and effective, that's all. Yeah, your M17S was part of the inspiration for this gun (and many of my Bullpup guns to come). Hmmm....the mag front...I had not thought of that! Good idea. I'm not sure that I entirely understand, could you elaborate...I get the idea...but did you mean "mag wall" or "mag well?" I was not sure if that was a typographical error. My mentor? Well, ever since I was the worst K'NEXer ever, the help you have given has been akin to in other :-) (XD, that sounded so heartfelt)

My mentors were pretty much Thedunkis and Iamcanadian. Also, the result of some self studies is that I literally know every single notable gun on Ib'les and KI even while I joined back in 2011

Sharir1701 (author)Knex.X2013-02-06

Well, self studies don't really need to be mentioned... Or at least i should think so. A knexer who doesn't at least do SOME self studies on different guns and mechanisms that exist, doesn't really have a basis for his building and will probably build some pretty bad stuff until he does his studies. Most of the best knexers and myself as well do a lot of self studying before they even post their first gun. I looked at guns and built them while practicing modding and my own building techniques before posting any gun for about a year and a half, but that might be too long, however I can definitely tell you it made me a lot better from my very start.

Anyway, what I'm trying to say is that I think self studies are obvious and shouldn't be specially noted.

Hmmm...Yeah, self studies do a lot for K'NEXers.

Well, who said I approve? Oh right... I did... never mind then, rapidly moving on (jk)... Anyway, I'm glad I could be of service and help you and I also hope, as I've said before, that you keep getting better. I meant wAll with an A, the front bit of the mag. Without it, all the bullets in the magazine would go forward out of the magazine on the first shot, so you kind of need it. I'll try to explain... Imagine a regular removable magazine. It has a wall (usually a line of brown connectors) in front of where the bullets are. When you shoot the gun, that wall is what prevents the bullets from all flying forward out of the magazine. Here, you don't have enough space to have that on the magazine, for the obvious reasons, and so I suggested having the same thing on the actual gun instead of the magazine, in the same place it would have otherwise been on the magazine. That should, in theory, if done correctly, fulfill the necessity that arises without it. I think I'll try and make that from the pictures and show you what i mean on the actual gun itself.

Oh...whoops. BTW, this is my 1,000th comment!

yea? . .

knex builder. (author)2013-02-03


*smiles* why don't you just sub me? Thanks man, I like the KAP-40 too.

i am following you

JonnyBGood (author)2013-02-05

Oops! deleted my own comment oh well. just wanted to stay I 'll check out blue mullets gun.

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