Magazine Based Reload RBG Demo





Introduction: Magazine Based Reload RBG Demo

You may have noticed that I haven't been too active on instructables; I've been busy with other things.  Overall, its just time for me to move on.  Here is what would probably be my last K'nex project (I may make other instructables when I'm not to busy).

This video is a demonstration of a semi-automatic rubber band gun that uses a reliable magazine system to reload.  Magazines can be of many different lengths can be made, making this a very versatile rubber band gun.  Shorter magazines use less pieces, while longer ones are more powerful.  Three different magazines are demonstrated the video.
I have not seen any other systems like this (at least not with K'nex); mine may be the first.

Link to instructable:

Link to Innovanna's "Kinno-1" which had the same idea:
Similarities between mine and his are completely coincidental, great minds do think alike.



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    How do you make it change between being a shotgun and a semi-auto? When I built the gun, I could only get shotgun mode because, even though it still cycled through the weak bands on the compact mag on semi-auto, when I put my heavy bands on my long high-support mag, it just went berserk firing them all at once. Just as well, I had to keep the trigger pulled down while inserting a mag until the mag was in a set space where I would have to let go of the trigger, and, once it was in, I couldn't take it out without firing all the bands. How do you do all that stuff in the video?

    Your isnt the first. Mine was. The kinno 1 or my first attempt wich worked. But this is still good.


    Just to be clear, there is no need to argue which one is better; I'll add a link to yours and the world will decide :)

    No i hate arguing over the internet haha. I agree with you. Thanks i apreciate the link posting!

    I like it, it seems to be easy to load and effective. Shame it's antidististalishmentarialism RBG.


    "a political position that originated in 19th-century Britain in opposition to proposals for the disestablishment of the Church of England, that is, to remove the Anglican Church's status as the state church of England, Ireland, and Wales.

    Not sure how this applies, please explain!

    Sorry, on my iPod I have a shortcut that turns the word an into antidististalishmentarialism.

    Challenge: Make a magazine that shoots pieces

    That's been done lots of times?