RBG: Halo Plasma Rifle





Introduction: RBG: Halo Plasma Rifle

A knex RBG that looks and shoots like a Halo Plasma Rifle.
After two months of testing, building, and modifying, I finally made an semi-automatic and automatic rubber band gun. No instructuable yet, but here is a slide show. It uses the same firing mechanism as my plasma pistol, but two of them that take turns firing and resetting the trigger. However, this gun does not have a trigger.
Instructable finished! (CLICK HERE) 



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     I don't have any, but you can mod some in if you like when I am done with the instructable.

    Really. Most of the time was spent on designing an automatic firing mechanism, about a week for the exterior, and a week of testing.

    so im supposed to believe this is an "automatic" knex thing? and i made on like this in just a few minutes once: make a grip out of sticks surrounding a white circle then use eight (four on each side) right angle pieces then surround the green 120 pieces with the longest sticks you can find and the holes in the greens become the barrel then strap on a rb

     please post i lost my patients.

    and also it looks very real!

    Look at the pictures of it, you're not quite there, but on the right track.