Introduction: RBG's of War-The Wild Wooden Rifle (Household)

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One set of chopstick, one crisp toothpick, and a loom band. What have you got to lose?

-Enough power to make your older sister chase you around the house.
-Super simple
-15 ft.+ in range

-Single shot

Step 1: Materials

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1-Pieces needed. Each name is above or below the object shown.

Step 2: Toothpick

Picture of Toothpick

1-Break off about... Emm... 1/4 of the toothpick as shown.

Step 3: ...Everything Else?

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1-Slide the larger part of the toothpick through the chopsticks as shown.
2-Wrap a loom band 7 times around the end as shown. Slide the smaller part of the toothpick in between, and you're done.
3-To fire, take your left pointer finger and push up on the green dot, then, with your right hand, take another loom band for ammo and stretch it from the red dot to the yellow dot. Release your left hand to fire. Enjoy!


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