video RC Avatar Gunship
We created the Avatar gunship with Dollar Tree foam board and some electronics. Watch the video to see...

Here is the build log:

Roshy1011 months ago

Is that not someone else's Youtube video,

karthik2171 year ago
Hi sir... U r Project Awesome Project.. what Circuit board u r using..just share u r Craft project at Beginning to Ending i have to make my own Craft Soo let me tell what circuit board using how to start that project etc etc.. plzz
karthik2171 year ago
"be nice"
Johnny86112 years ago
Your model is amazing and if you make a version 2 I am most definitly interested. just a little problem with the comment about the AT-99 in the movie not flying, this guy has built a movie realistic replica with the gun pods mounted under the fans, and it flew just fine, got the link to the video here, bearing in mind it took him about a year of research and he has whatever the russian equivilent of a PHD in Aerodynamics. On a lighter note have you considered trying to make the Sampson and the Dragon from Avatar.
Thom Kouwen2 years ago
That's one hell of a chopper! Did you balance the chopper so the motor's are in the center of gravity?
WhiteTech3 years ago
You could mod the look a bit and make it the Halo one ;)
Macflame3 years ago
Many thanks for the link!
I'm sure this will be a great project.
I just need to sharpen my DIY skills now. lol.
Macflame3 years ago
Excellent video!
Were any plans made of the Avatar Helicopter?
Is version 2 in the pipeline?
stonekap (author)  Macflame3 years ago
Here is the build log...