RC Avatar Gunship


Introduction: RC Avatar Gunship

We created the Avatar gunship with Dollar Tree foam board and some electronics. Watch the video to see...

Here is the build log: http://rcexplorer.se/projects/avatar/avatar.html



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    Hi sir... U r Project Awesome Project.. what Circuit board u r using..just share u r Craft project at Beginning to Ending i have to make my own Craft Soo let me tell what circuit board using how to start that project etc etc.. plzz

    Your model is amazing and if you make a version 2 I am most definitly interested. just a little problem with the comment about the AT-99 in the movie not flying, this guy has built a movie realistic replica with the gun pods mounted under the fans, and it flew just fine, got the link to the video here, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5gwlMIHIs4U&feature=related bearing in mind it took him about a year of research and he has whatever the russian equivilent of a PHD in Aerodynamics. On a lighter note have you considered trying to make the Sampson and the Dragon from Avatar.

    That's one hell of a chopper! Did you balance the chopper so the motor's are in the center of gravity?

    You could mod the look a bit and make it the Halo one ;)

    Many thanks for the link!
    I'm sure this will be a great project.
    I just need to sharpen my DIY skills now. lol.

    Excellent video!
    Were any plans made of the Avatar Helicopter?
    Is version 2 in the pipeline?

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    Here is the build log...