This instructable will show you how to drift on on a remote control model car. I hope this helps for any of you who are struggling.

You will need:

An RC Car (a sturdy and fast model)
A very dry or very wet surface such as tarmac.
Check out the wheels on my car because they work exceptionally well. I recommend this style of wheels for drifting.

Step 1: Go! Go! Go!

Drive as fast as you can on the Tarmac really straight and steady.

Step 2: Sharp Turn

Reduce your speed not all the way but enough to keep the car going at quite a pace and make a sharp turn.

Step 3: Fade Away

Now try and straighten up to sling away from the drift. Once you've done this, you can drift!
Well not all cars require that .
<p>I don't see anything &quot;technical&quot; done to the car to make it drift better.</p><p>for example I've filled both diffs on my WR-8 flux with high viscosity silicon oil to limit the diffs operation so it drifts better.<br>on all surfaces </p>
<p>Very cool. It would be awesome to see a video of you drifting your rc car, if you had one! :)</p>

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