Introduction: Bluetooth RC Car Using L293D & HC-05

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Hey! Guys How You all doing!

Today I am Here With My First Arduino Instructable.

It is A Bluetooth Controlled RC Car Using Only L293D IC (No Motor Shields).You Can Use Motor Drivers/H-Bridge Also.

The Car Works Well! Also I Designed The App..Please Have a Look At it.

I wanted to have the information I learned in one place, and easy to Understand.Comments and suggestions are welcome and appreciated as I'm still trying to learn all this stuff.

Hope You All Like It :)

Let's Start!!

Step 1: What We Need

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1.Arduino UNO

2.L293D IC Or H-Bridge

3.HC-05 Bluetooth Module



6.2xDC Motors

7.9V Battery Or Power Bank

8.Jumper Wires

Step 2: Getting the Chasis Ready

Picture of Getting the Chasis Ready

You Can Make A Chasis Just Like Me.


You Can Buy A Readymade One.

For Making A Chasis:-1)Find A Rectangular Wooden or Plastic Plate.

2)Attach The Motors to It With the Help Of Glue Gun Or Double Sided Tapes.

Step 3: Summing Up the Circuit

Picture of Summing Up the Circuit

Wire Up The Circuit According To the schematics.

Just Follow One By One Wire And You Will Do It Perfectly

Note:-1)If The Motors Behave in Opposite Direction,Just Reverse The Polarity.

2)If You Are Using 5V Motors,Then You Can Connect the Pin 8 Of the L293D To 5V Of Arduino.(No Need Of Extra Battery)

Step 4: Uploading the Code

Picture of Uploading the Code

Upload The Code To Arduino.

Remember To Disconnect The VCC Pin Of HC-05 Before Uploading Code.

Step 5: Downloading the APP

Picture of Downloading the APP

The App is for Android In APK Format.

Download It And Enjoy!

Step 6: Get Set Go

Picture of Get Set Go

Have A Look At The Video!

Step 7: The 2nd App

Download it:-

In This Just Select The Console And Assign Values -

Forward - a Left - b Stop - c Right - d Reverse - e


mssadry (author)2017-11-21

thaunk you so much

Sarfaraz28 (author)2017-11-07

Can i get the code for this.

Swansong (author)2017-07-23

That's a neat build, it looks like it's got great maneuverability :)

Kartikey Anand (author)Swansong2017-07-24

Thank you so Much :)

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Bio: Hey All.In Love With Micro Controllers.Still A Student ;D Want to Learn More!
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