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This instructable will teach you how to fabricate an RC controlled Firebox which then can be placed into anything you want to make Fire-breathing. I live in Boston and we completed this project just in time for the supersnowstorm Nemo that hit us in February 2013, thus we decided to make a fire-breathing snowman.

The core of the flamethrower mechanism is a a bottle of WD-40 that sprays oil at a lit candle/lighter and acts like a flamethrower. This project is a good combination of rapid prototyping + some basic power electronics.

This project was a joint project with Victor Rodriguez and Candace Chen.
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Step 1: Get the materials!

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You'll need:

1. WD-40 Can

A can of WD-40 (get a 12oz can) This should be readily available at your nearby hardware store.

2. Actuator

Get a "door-lock actuator", these are linear actuators that sometimes are put on cars to automate the door locking mechanism (they press the button down for you when you hit  a button on the driver side). These should be available from Amazon or Ebay, here is an example:

Anything that looks like the above should be fine (they normally run on 12V because that is what the low voltage system of a car runs at).

3. Some hot glue and hot glue sticks (any should work)

4. A piece of hanger wire or welding rod.

5. RC Car from Radioshack

Buy the cheapest RC car from Radioshack (should be about 15 bucks or less)

6. A n-channel mosfet and a diode and a 1k Resistor (these from sparkfun should be fine but you can probably use any power FET + diode you have laying around) (you can probably use any value between 500-10k Ohm so don't feel obliged to buy a pack of resistors.

7. Cardboard, or Acrylic or Sheet metal, anything to make your box enclosure

I used acrylic to laser cut a box for the assembly but you can use anything you want.

8. Tape and/or Acrylic Cement

To fasten your box together.

9.Solder Board or Bread Board

10. Quick-disconnect or any kind of connectors

11. AA Batteries + Battery Holder 

12. Candle and a lighter 
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