Picture of R/C Grinder gear!
take an old rc helicopter and make a new toy!

i am pretty sure that this can be done with any helicopter that can be taken apart.
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Step 1: Gather ing the materials.

Picture of gather ing the materials.
im sorry if this picture is fuzzy, but my cam sucks.

the materials are;
1.old rc helicopter
(these are from the heli)
2.the battery recharger
3.the rechargable battery
4.the motor(it needs to have a metal gear)
5.the control panel+antenna
6.the remote control(not in pic)
7.electrical tape

Step 2: Assembly #1

Picture of assembly #1
ripiics 073.jpg
ripiics 074.jpg
take the battery and the control panel and tape them together as shown.

you need to make sure that the 2 plugs can connect after taping.

Step 3: Assembly #2

Picture of assembly #2
ripiics 076.jpg
take the completed battery assembly and the motor. whe n taping these, you neec to be careful not to tape over the heat holes.

after taping , connect the wire from the motor into the slot.

Step 4: Finishing up

Picture of finishing up
first get the antenna and tape it to the side of the control panel

then hook up the battery.

there u go!

Step 5: Using it

Picture of using it
ripiics 079.jpg
ripiics 080.jpg
all u need to do is find something to grind,(plastic is best)
turn on the remote control and the grinder, and rev it up!