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Step 1: RC Hovercraft + 3D(.stl & .skp Files) Printing



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    This is so cool! I have always wanted to build a hovercraft! How did you set up the remote controll for it?

    Yes it is!!! Excellent question, It took me a while but at the end I managed!

    It goes like this

    I got this idea on how to mix both the motors on my hovercraft, like when the lifting motor is at 20%. from then the pusher motor starts but there is no such mixing in RCB 7x and in RCB 6i. This is how I'll do it, I'll just calibrate the lifting motor normally. For the pusher motor I'll move the throttle stick back as usual but only 3/4th distance from the top that means I'll leave 1/4th portion (from bottom) so that way the ESC will think that these are the end points of the throttle stick. And when I move the throttle stick (while testing) the lifting motor will start but the pusher won't, due to this dead band that I created on purpose and when I'll move it even further the pusher motor will come in action!! Working video of this setup.

    In the mean while you can see this video,

    Thank you!

    is really cool

    Yes it is! Thanks!