Do you like RC vehicles? Do you want to fly but are afraid of heights? Or do you just like the challenge of controlling a vehicle with low ground friction?... or perhaps you just fancy hovercrafts for some or no particular reason...

If you like hovercrafts and don't mind to get you hands dirty this Instructable might just be for you, so do stick around... and you may end up with something like what can be seen the in video below.

WARNING: Check your sound volume before playing the video. The thrust/propulsion fan can make quite the noise!

Step 1: Materials, Tools & Required Skills Overview

-> Basic Materials:

- Styrofoam board
- Expanded PVC sheet
- Hot glue sticks
- Assorted screws
- Terminal connectors
- Rigid electric insulated copper wire
- Wire coat hanger
- Duct tape
- Sewing line
- Double side tape
- Small cylindrical recipient (ex. empty plastic pickles vat)

- Assorted electronic components (resistors, capacitors, etc.)

-> "Fancy" materials:

- 1x Brushless motor for LIFTING  (I've used the EMAX CF2812)
- 1x Brushless Motor for THRUST (I've used a 64mm Outrunner Ducted 4500KV 320W)
(an hovercraft needs a more powerful motor for thrust than for lifting)
- 2x 30A Electronic Speed Controllers (ESCs) -- the rating of these will depend on how your motors are rated.
- 1x 2S LiPo (nominal 7.4V) rated for 1800mAh or above
- 2x nRF24L01+ radio modules
- 1x propeller (choose according to the lift motor's recommendation)
- 1x micro servo

- 2x atmega328p chips (alternative you can get 2 ready made Arduino Uno boards, or compatible)
- 1x joystick
- 4x momentary push buttons with caps
- 16x2 LCD module

-> Tools:

- Box cutter/ X-acto knife
- Hot glue gun
- Screwdriver
- Pliers

- Sewing machine
- Soldering iron
- Protactor

-> Required skills:

- Cutting styrofoam
- Using an hot glue gun
- Cutting wire

- DIY PCB transfer, etching & soldering (or alternatively... buying a couple of Arduino boards or compatible)

<p>how much rpm does the motor have (both)</p>

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