Picture of R/C LEGO
The Coaster Droid or "CDroid" is a bigger version of R/C LEGO 'Velocipede' Droid that I built recently. And this one I want to add the sensor to it so it could avoid hitting the obstacles.

The "CDroid" uses LEGO® components similar to the previous built "LEGO® Track Bot", and "Dart Shooter Droid" uses the same vertical gearbox and base similar to Lego Track Bot. But instead of using the same triangle tracks, I used the CDs as the wheels, and use Hubs that I took them from toy car.
This Droid is capable of rotating it body to both left and right similar to Dart Shooter Droid. On top of the body I placed the IR distance sensor, so the Droid can avoid hitting the obstacle.

Here is the short description of the "CDroid":
- The robot is controlled by Arduino Compatible Board (Palm Arduino Plus).
- The robot is wirelessly communicating with Arduino via XBee module, RN-XV WyFly module or Bluetooth.
- The robot is equipped with IR Distance Sensor (Sharp - GP2Y0A21YK0F).
- The robot will automatically override the commands if it facing an obstacle.
- The body is made out of LEGO® Components.
- The wheels are made out of CDs.

See videos and more photos in Step 8.

LEGO®, TECHNIC, are property of The LEGO Group of Companies (, which does not sponsor, own, authorize or endorse this creation.

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El Pedro Taco11 months ago
When I saw this I was like " holy snap yeah!" You did an awesome job, thanks man.
this is a nice robot, good job.
sath02 (author)  Themagicfruit1 year ago