Picture of R/C LEGO® Dart Shooter Droid
Toy implies interaction! But when I build LEGO® Track Bot it lacked of any interaction. At the time I built the LEGO Track Bot I was not thinking about the interaction part of it at all. So I decided to build another Track Bot that have more features than the Track Bot. And I could play or interact with it.  
And the result is R/C LEGO® "Dart Shooter Droid" that I am going to show you how to build one in this instructable. 

Dart Shooter Droid
Basically, this "Dart Shooter Droid" uses LEGO® components similar to the previous built LEGO® Track Bot, and "Dart Shooter Droid" uses the same vertical gearbox and base similar to Lego Track Bot. But I did some revision on the track to tighten them up a little more by replacing one of the hubs in triangular tracks with 24-tooth gears. By doing this the tracks move better than before.

This Droid is capable of rotating it torso to both left and right. The Droid has an arm equips with dart (or cannon) launcher., and capable to rotate the canon up and down to aim and shoot at some kind of target.

The Droid uses two of my Palm Arduinos,
- Palm Arduino II to control the upper part of the body.
- Palm Arduino V3 (LEGO® Compatible Arduino PCB) to control the tracks to move in any directions.
These two Arduinos are communicating with each other via I2C Communication protocol (See details Step 15).

The Target Bot
Along the way of building this "Dart Shooter Droid", I envisioned "through the looking glass" that I should create a game for the Droid. What if we have a target for the Dart Shooter to fire at.
I thought about line up a mini figures similar to the bowling pins. "But I don't have that many mini figures!" That doesn't work!

While I browsed through eBay - LEGO® Technic pages, I saw the 8233/8239 set. I liked the look of the creature that can shoot the dart back. And I have some components enough to build the similar creature. 

So I decided to built the Target Bot similar to the creature in 8233/8239 Lego set. The Target Bot did not used exactly the same components as in 8233/8239, I did altered some components and left off some components.
For the construction details and parts list of the Target Bot see Step 16.

WARNING: Please do not shoot the dart to anybody face or eyes. The dart shooter or cannon used in the project can shoot the dart as fas as eight to ten feet. 

LEGO®, TECHNIC, are property of The LEGO Group of Companies (http://www.lego.com), which does not sponsor, own, authorize or endorse this creation.

Man this is cool! Love the head. (Kinda looks like Lucario)

Do you have a video of the droid moving and shooting?
sath02 (author)  fungus amungus2 years ago
The video has been added in Step 17.
sath02 (author)  fungus amungus2 years ago
Yes, I have. I will put it up this weekend. Needed to celebrate the Stanley Cup with the Blackhawks today (Friday)! ;)
rolfs2 years ago
The (R) behind R/C LEGO is breaking parts of the valid XML in the RSS feed for the instructables webpage.
fzumrk2 years ago
That is pretty sweet. I was going to recommend turning it into a RC Lego Johnny Five, but I see that was the inspiration for your design already.
sath02 (author)  fzumrk2 years ago
armstk1802 years ago
pretty job !

could you pelase let me know where you buy these plastic material that use have used as chassis ?
sath02 (author)  armstk1802 years ago
'plastic material'??
Do you mean the blue plastic material in Step 5, that I used it to stick the Lego components? If so, I bought it from Instructables' Store, here is the link,
But if you mean the LEGO components, you could get it from LEGO official store,
or you could go to BrickLink.com (http://www.bricklink.com/index.asp) and find what you are looking for by searching the site using the components ID provided.

Hope this help!