RC MOOD LYTE is a commercial quality flameless light engine for heavy, everyday use in the home, restaurant, catering and hospitality industry ,a great improvement over the traditional wax candles in terms of safety and reliability features . LED Candles have No wax, No smoke, No heat, No mess.


Safety: eliminates fire danger and personal injury. Safe for small children too.
Zero Emissions: no soot or air contaminates.
Energy Reduction: produces no heat, lowering AC energy needs.
Energy Efficient: requires very little energy to operate.
Eco Sustainability: uses no fossil fuels as with candles.



Remotely control the On/Off, Flickering, Color Mode and Color wirelessly with the handheld IR remote control and can be used with any number of LED candle. Great for parties or be more interactive and selectively change the color at will .Color can be selected at will by the user .This will become more  clear after seeing the code. 


Default mode with Power switch is medium white flickering.
Mode – Pauses or starts flickering as a Toggle action.
Number Buttons – Selects individual colors
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