Step 3: Making the Candle

Making a candle is not much difficult .Many tutorial are available online .However you are advised to be cautious while making a candle Wear hand gloves and goggles while doing the job.

Few important tips while making wax candles

1) To prevent mess cover your work space with newspaper.

2) Wax is flammable,it is advised to  use medium heat setting on your stove, and use a thermometer .

3) Don't let it's temperature to exceed 250 degrees.

Material Required :

Metal pillar mold
Used pen
Connecting Wires

Step 1. Start by melting wax.Follow safety instructions while your wax is melting. Before continuing, set up a boiler as shown in figure  to melt your wax.

Step 2. Hold the used pen after removing the refill in center of the mold to make way for the wires to pass through the candles

Step 3. Once your wax has reached the proper temperature (175-185 deg. F. ),pour the wax into your prepared mold. Have an old towel or some paper towels handy to catch any spills that may occur. Fill your mold to about 1/2" from the top of the mold. Leave some wax in the pouring pot for a later stage, but do not return it to the heat source yet.

Allow the candle to cool completely before proceeding to the next step.

Step 4. Remove the mold sealer . If cooled completely, your candle should slide out of the mold. If it does not slide out easily, then place the candle in a refrigerator for a period of about 15 minutes, then try again. The cooling will help the wax shrink even more and help it separate from the mold.also remove 

Step 5. For making the wick cut out a pyramidal cavity from a potato and place an RGB led inside that and pour remaining wax to cover whole of the led but not its legs 

Solder the legs of the led using long wires pass the wires through the center of candle after removing the pen and then fix the wick to candle by pouring hot wax around the corners

Now your Mood Lyte Candle is ready.

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