Step 22: Final product

Picture of Final product
There she is, just before her first real test. For the most part it works well but there are some things that will need upgrading in the future. To see it run check out the video in the very first step. Thanks for reading!
pitla_james4 years ago
how do you control the tank,what did you use as a controller
Jedrokivich4 years ago
What is the range of your RC system?

Now, the big question: How fast does it go?
Its 50 rpm . in the first few steps he wrote that
add the stamped
you mean the stampede? i live in england so it comes out in a week
sorry bad at spellin
PyroTeen2135 years ago
Dude it would be awesome to do an all terrain airsoft version.
GianniMora5 years ago
this is so kickass 
vince 096 years ago
the only thing you could do to make that thing cooler is put a desert eagleon there rather than a nerf gun but it is still awesome lol
travis7s (author)  vince 096 years ago
The kickback would probably make it fall apart. :)
possibly lol I meant like make it a bit stouter but you got to admit that would be awesome lol
hyecartoon6 years ago
thats awesome bro if u can try adding a little more details for the wireless camera lol im trying to build a similar robot rc type thing.
travis7s (author)  hyecartoon6 years ago
Thanks, what would you like to know? The camera is setup to work with a TV via RCA style plugs. You can plug it directly into the TV or you can use the wireless system. It comes with power supplies and a 9volt battery adaptor if you want the camera to be truly wireless. You have to 'tune' a knob on the receiver to get a clear picture, sometimes its tricky to get it dialed in just right. Its a little harder to hook it up to your computer to record videos. I used a Sabrent USB A/V adaptor which is the 'black box' in step 21. I'll try to add these details into the instructable itself when I get home.