Bring your 3D models to life! In this instructable we will custom make a remotely controlled tank. We will infuse paper-craft with an arduino based system. This tank will be controlled on a android based phone though a bluetooth connection. I've strived to create something with a pleasing fit and finish. Remote control is also quite cheap and feasible for any project! I will show you how and why.

I want to show that It is possible to achieve a high level of visual aesthetic without the need for expensive machinery (no need for laser cutters, power tools or 3D printers).

I hope the pictures alone will guide and inspire you try new things! Show me what RC creations you have made in the comments below :)

Paso 1: Create/Choose a model

There are thousands among thousands of existing paper-craft models to choose from. If there isn't already a model you can always convert a 3D model into a foldable model using pepakura. Paper craft is powerful in that it lets us create 3D objects from paper. it is also relatively inexpensive to aquire. One bonus is that the models are designed hollow and leave room for skeleton circuitry.


Paso 2: Pick features

There are thousands among thousands of existing papercraft models to choose from. What you want to remotely control is totally up to you. However there is always a few things to keep in mind
  • Keep it simple. Don't go all out if you aren't familiar with etiher sides of the spectrum
  • Know the limitations. the individual features of an ironman suit may be possible but it will not fit in a regular sized model
  • Commit. Taking on a paper model is a tedious task. Brining it to life seamlessly takes level of engineering and creativity.
RC features:
understand what you are capable of bringing to the model. what mechanisms already exist and how easily they are to implement. This takes experience. In other words don't go off building something impossible. 

For example... I want my RC tankto have :
  1. full ground movement
  2. led stop light
  3. push to start
  4. rotating turret
  5. speed control
  6. recoil

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