RC Pen-triangle Ruler Plane





Introduction: RC Pen-triangle Ruler Plane

When I have to study for my exams and when I get bored, I always make a little plane with my pen and triangle ruler. Now, I want to build it in 6:1 scale and radio controlable. Let's kick off!

Step 1: Get Your Parts

The foam I use is 25mm (1 inch) thick. I found it as isolation material in my local crafts store. You can use a hot wire cutter, but I made one with my soldering iron.For smaller parts ( like control surfaces) I used depron (5mm). As I'm building in 6:1, the plane will have a width of 1000mm. I searched an image of a triangle ruler with the highest resolution. With a photo edit program I took the mirror image of one photo and left another just as it was. Mind that these 2 pictures have to have the same dimensions! Then I went to a print shop and printed these pictures so they had a width of 1000mm.
Let's paint!

Step 2: Painting and Coating the Parts

The paint that I use is normal spray paint. You cover the wing by laying the paper on the wing and cover it nicely with tape or transparant foil. This step is not necessary, it's just for the looks ;) . I also used a marker and some coloured tapes for details.

Step 3: Conecting the Parts

To mount the wing, I used hot glue. I also used a notch for even more durability. When this notch was secured, I glued 2 depron parts on it for more surface so the motor has more stability. I fixed the motor itself with some screws on a piece of wood, which I've glued on the notch (aka the motor mount).

Step 4: Control Sufaces

To stabilize the wing while you're cutting, just use some tape rolls. cut the size of flaps you want, use the classic score cut technique and reinforce the hinge with tape.

Step 5: Electronics!

I used a 35A esc. Mind when you connect the bullet connectors, to change the polarity (It's a pushprop). Try to work as clean as possible when you put the electronics in place. To connect the servos with the control surfaces,I just used some clevisses and glued the controlhorns in place.

Step 6: Fly!

Thanks for watching! Please favorit and vote for the contest 'Things that fly'! And I'm waiting for you in the comments if you have some questions! HAVE FUN!!! :D



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    7 Discussions

    Yes it does, but the motor mount has to be reinforced. It stabilizes itself with a gyro but it 's just a simple flying wing concept...
    Search for 'versa wing' and you'll find more info about that.

    I'm sorry seamster, The wheather is also today bad. I hope to fly this wednesday. Fingers crossed!

    It doesn't when you spray it with thin layers. Thanks ;)

    Cool build. But doesn't aerosol spray paint eat styrofoam like there's no tomorrow?

    Thanks ! I just finished it. At themoment the weather isn't that good but I hope to fly it tomorrow. Thank you! :)