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Hello, Sorry for my bad English (thank you google traduction).

It is a motorized unit, electrical and radio controlled! This module is equipped with two 350w 24V motors supplied with two 12V batteries. It may have various applications, such as a small tow trailer for moving a heavy element from one point to another, the coupling of a mower, or be mounted on a frame for a small electric vehicle for children, or with a camera for inspection robot ... full of potential applications!

I made this video presentation :

And my website :

Thank you !


Here is a small demonstration with a lawnmower:

Another demonstration with a small trailer:


chriss877 (author)2017-12-14

How much battery life do you get on this ?

Are you using sabertooth motor controller ?

Did you manage to add encoders to the wheels to obtain odometry ?
(I know GPS + IMU would be a better option , this being an outdoor vehicle )

MalavikaS (author)2015-07-17

great !!!

MarkC2 (author)2014-08-11

if you post a video/info showing how much it can pull, or a torque meter reading, I will consider buying the plans from you. I'm looking for this exact application for a 2-4 ton pulling robot, except I want it arduino/oodoo/raspberry pi board controlled.

bremus (author)2014-04-25

Great. This is better than making the Lawn Mower RC.

isodesign (author)2013-11-12

Thank you! I used engine 24v 350w (MY1016Z) and the controller is a sabertooth 2x25A.

zombie_bike (author)2013-11-11

Great job, this is pretty cool! For some time now I have been pondering making a simailar design except have four wheels in a skid steer setup. What kind of motors and controllers did you use?

debrajdeb (author)2013-11-09

My idea about tractor or in general, traction machine is that for effective tractive effort, there should be some mass over the wheels (+ torque of course). Are you going to add more mass on your tractor in future? Could be any dead weight like cement blocks, dead batteries?

isodesign (author)debrajdeb2013-11-09

For the moment, I have not tried to tow a heavy load. I tried with a lawnmower and no problems, ca seems easy! The weight of the frame with bateries and engines is about 65kgs!

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