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Introduction: RC Robot Tractor

Hello, Sorry for my bad English (thank you google traduction).

It is a motorized unit, electrical and radio controlled! This module is equipped with two 350w 24V motors supplied with two 12V batteries. It may have various applications, such as a small tow trailer for moving a heavy element from one point to another, the coupling of a mower, or be mounted on a frame for a small electric vehicle for children, or with a camera for inspection robot ... full of potential applications!

I made this video presentation :

And my website : http://www.isodesign.fr

Thank you !


Here is a small demonstration with a lawnmower:

Another demonstration with a small trailer:



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    How much battery life do you get on this ?

    Are you using sabertooth motor controller ?

    Did you manage to add encoders to the wheels to obtain odometry ?
    (I know GPS + IMU would be a better option , this being an outdoor vehicle )

    if you post a video/info showing how much it can pull, or a torque meter reading, I will consider buying the plans from you. I'm looking for this exact application for a 2-4 ton pulling robot, except I want it arduino/oodoo/raspberry pi board controlled.

    Great. This is better than making the Lawn Mower RC.

    Thank you! I used engine 24v 350w (MY1016Z) and the controller is a sabertooth 2x25A.

    Great job, this is pretty cool! For some time now I have been pondering making a simailar design except have four wheels in a skid steer setup. What kind of motors and controllers did you use?

    My idea about tractor or in general, traction machine is that for effective tractive effort, there should be some mass over the wheels (+ torque of course). Are you going to add more mass on your tractor in future? Could be any dead weight like cement blocks, dead batteries?

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    For the moment, I have not tried to tow a heavy load. I tried with a lawnmower and no problems, ca seems easy! The weight of the frame with bateries and engines is about 65kgs!