This is my ninth instructable. It is a spy bot that I built using Mindstorms and an IPhone. The vehicle can be controlled from a computer via Bluetooth and a live video of what the IPhone mounted on the vehicle can see is streamed to the computer using Wi-Fi. This allows you to spy on people in other rooms and avoid obstacles that the vehicle may encounter. The vehicle is essentially just one of my previous instructables, the all-terrain r/c tank, but with an iPhone mounted on it.

Step 1: The Vehicle

First, build my All-Terrain R/C Tank by following the instructions on the separate instructable.

Step 2: The Iphone Holder

To start with, follow the instructions shown in the pictures. Next, use elastic to attach the iPhone more securely before attaching the holder to the vehicle. 

Step 3: Video Streaming and Controlling the Vehicle

To stream the videos from the IPhone to your computer, you must first download an app. I chose EpocCam by Kinoni but there are other apps available too. There are two different versions of EpocCam but only one of them is free. The free app does not include some features such as audio support, focussing or High Definition. Because of this, the streamed videos can appear from the free Kinoni app are rather grainy. Alternatively, you can attach a webcam to the vehicle. The vehicle can be controlled using the standard Mindstorms software.

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