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This is a Wing Sail Catamaran project that I started over 2 years ago after seeing the new AC 45s introduced to the America's Cup races. The model uses PVC sheet, Carbon Fiber tubing and 377 Dupont Mylar to "skin" the wings. The "Cookie Cutter" construction technique allows me to make quick inexspensive changes to the design without having to scrap a model and start over, everything is tweekable. Two Catamaran models are shown here, but I have created a total of four boats during design development, one of which only sailed once,and poorly. But that one sailing taught me alot, and I started another boat the next day. It's not all about finishing one boat, it's about developing a Platform that can evolve as you learn.
stewaar1 month ago

Hi Dan, Beautiful Boat. Are you selling all or part of it as a kit?


Mikestone4 months ago
Just put together my thunder tiger trimaran. Americas best and only trimaran rc sailboat I could find. Could I buy a wing sail for my boat. I think sail sizes are real close to same.
Nice work by the way. :)
Dan Elliott (author) 6 months ago
I am finding myself with a different problem than I orignially had. I have a local source for a CNC router, and I am able to supply the orders here in the USA, but it is now the shipping costs that are an obstacle. Shipping can double the cost of a model kit sent overseas. So I'm looking for folks with CNC routers in New Zealand, Germany, Greece, Australia, Spain, South Africa, Sinta Serbia etc. to cut model kits for me and deliver them locally. I can provide all the digital line work and build instructions for the kit if you can supply the PVC and router. Hopfully this will keep the kit affordable, which has always been my goal. And as always I will send the CNC line work and Build Instructions to anyone who wants them for free.
Mrowley156 months ago
Hi Dan, well done on an incredible model and replica. Are you going to be selling kits at any stage?
Dan Elliott (author)  Mrowley156 months ago
Yes, I have recieved many requests for a parts kit. I am now producing a flat pack Wing Sail Catamaran model which includes all PVC parts CNC cut out of 1/16" sheet, a full size paper template of the Mylar wing "skins" and Jibs, a cut list for all Carbon Fiber Tubing and Build Instructions. ($300.00)

Kit will not include Stainless Steel hardware, rigging,Carbon Fiber Tubing, Servos or Mylar sail material. I can provide sources for all these.

If you are interested, contact me:
Dan Elliott (author)  Dan Elliott6 months ago
Bernd S6 months ago
hi dan It is so cool your projekt i will build a catamaran too. Sorry for my bad english i am from germany ? Could you please be so kind and send me the pdf and dwg drawings of your Black Cat , also to me? Thanks in advance, my mail are I would also be interested to buying a kit of the parts, when you build one. Tranks Bernd
Dan Elliott (author)  Bernd S6 months ago
Sure thing Bernd. I'll send that right now.
RadekCh7 months ago
Dear Dan, could you please be so kind and send all pdf and dwg drawings of a Black Cat you have, also to me? Thanks in advance, my mail -
balinandsam7 months ago
Thanks for that!
balinandsam7 months ago
What are the dimensions of the wing and hull?
Dan Elliott (author)  balinandsam7 months ago
Sure thing, the length of the hulls is 42" not including rudders, placed 27" apart and the wing sail is 59" tall.
charles gray7 months ago
It's really cool! i love RC Wing Sail Catamaran thanks Dan Elliott for sharing your nice work. i voted and really appriciate you for this keep it up.
abeabe18 months ago
Hey Dan the cat is very nice i am also a ac45 fan and been trying to built one my self from the top of my head is not easy.i would like to built one can it be posible to send me pdf or where to find the file. My email thanx Dan great project
嗣陳8 months ago
it's really cool, I would like to build one.
please send a copy to me.
thank you!
globalsailer8 months ago
hi dan
very nice :D can you send me the plans for this projekt i will build a catamaran too and this is a genius model :D sorry for my bad english i am from germany :) my e-mail :
us173569 months ago
Thx Dan!
us173569 months ago
Hi Dan,
I'm just writing to ask whether you got my email or not. For I haven't heard back about the autocad PDF you were sending me with all the templates for the Wing and hull. Anyways, my email is :
us173569 months ago
mine is
Dan Elliott (author)  us173569 months ago
Got your message. As soon as I get back in the office I'll send you a PDF and DWG.
F_R_D9 months ago
Hi. I would love to get a copy of the files for this boat. I have been following your work on one of the R/C forums too. I have a friend who can cut the panels on ABS sheet and i think he would be interested in building one as well. What thickness do you recommend?

Dan Elliott (author)  F_R_D9 months ago
When I get back in the office I will sent you a PDF and DWG of the Black Cat.
Dan Elliott (author)  F_R_D9 months ago
Hi Frank, I used 1/16" Thk. sheet.
us173569 months ago
Sweet! what is your email?
Dan Elliott (author)  us173569 months ago
us173569 months ago
Dear Dan,
Would you mind to send me the templates for the wingsail and hull. I am a model "yachter" and am very interested in creating a "mini AC45" as you have. Also, what CAD app do you use?
Dan Elliott (author)  us173569 months ago
No problem, send me an e-mail and I will send you a PDF of the CNC line work. I can also offer you the same line work in AutoCad 2004 if you like.
us173569 months ago
how much for your parts?
us173569 months ago
(removed by author or community request)
us17356 us173569 months ago
pls reply im dying to begin construction
fitzaer1 year ago
I would be interested in buying a kit of the parts.
us17356 fitzaer9 months ago
same here, what would it cost?
Dan Elliott (author) 10 months ago
Finally got the Black Cat out on the lake, and took some video. Also want to say thanks for the great America's Cup jacket I won from Instructables. Going back out today. Happy Sailing All!
I'm doing something similar but focusing on making a catamaran with a functional ginnaker (spinnaker) with 4 channels. got the plans but still making and testing. I have to say I love how your boat looks, clean and has that same water piercing look like the AC72s. hope to see video's of its performance. Adam =)
Dan Elliott (author)  marsstepper12 months ago
I'm currently working on a ginnaker myself. It is harder than you would think. I will post some photos when I get it assembled.
wm.e.parker12 months ago
Hi Dan,
It all looks great. What were the problems you ran into in sailing it? How long is the model? Were you able to build in some twist between the bottom and the top of the wing?
Dan Elliott (author)  wm.e.parker12 months ago
Thank you Parker, It was a bit tricky at first sailing the White Cat. During a Jibe or Tack the boat wants to stall, even going backwards at times. I increased the size of the Jib on the Black Cat to help it turn. This worked, also you'll learn that the boat likes wide turns that maintain speed. You can pitchpole and flip just like the real thing, but I widened the hulls to make it alittle more forgiving. The Hulls are 42" long. The Wing has some twist due to the flexability of the PVC frame.
millesm1 year ago
Love the clean design of this yacht and wing sail.

Just wondering how the winch inside the mast actually control the camber?
Dan Elliott (author)  millesm1 year ago
A single line runs down from the servo thru a hole in the bottom of the wing and back thru cable guides and then anchored to back wing foil. the other line you see is the string hinge.
Honus1 year ago
Beautiful boat! This would be perfect for the small lake by my house.

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