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Introduction: RC Wing Sail Catamaran

About: I am a technical detailer with 1220 Exhibits. I design interactive exhibits for children's science museums. I got interested in Wing Sail Catamarans while working on the National Maritime Museum in Mobile, AL.

This is a Wing Sail Catamaran project that I started over 6 years ago after seeing the new AC 45s introduced to the America's Cup races. The model uses PVC sheet, Carbon Fiber tubing and 377 Dupont Mylar to "skin" the wings. The "Cookie Cutter" construction technique allows me to make quick inexspensive changes to the design without having to scrap a model and start over, everything is tweekable. Two Catamaran models are shown here, but I have created a total of four boats during design development, one of which only sailed once,and poorly. But that one sailing taught me alot, and I started another boat the next day. It's not all about finishing one boat, it's about developing a Platform that can evolve as you learn.

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Hi Dan,

Great boat. Iwould love to build one. Could you please send me the CNC file and instructions.



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Hi Dan,

nice construction, but no where I found the full Rig weight or the weight of the rigid wing only. Thanks a lot


Hi Dan, what a beautiful boat. I would be able to get your drawing and what materials are used.
Greetings from Netherlands

Pancho email: lievenpancho@hotmail.com

Hi Dan,

I want to make this boat. Could you email me the files and build instructions, please. mail to : guenter.sofeit@ymail.com

Best greetings from Vienna/Austria

Hi Dan,

I've been looking for a plan just like this for me and my boys to build.
Can i also have the copies of the plans please.. my email is japanoy_at_gmail.com

Thank you.


Hi Dan,

I stumbled across your designs while searching for any model foiling catamarans that I could build for a school project, and I was wondering if I could have any CNC / laser cutter files you may have so that I can get the sheets cut out.

I was also wondering if you still have the videos of the cat sailing, as they appear to be missing when I tried to get them from the list of files you have available.

As this is my first time building an RC boat, I am unsure about what kind of techniques of construction to use, as well as waterproofing the electronics, which electronics to get and how to setup the control systems for trimming.

If not then I can make do with the PDF files and images you have there to guess what to use and how to do it so I can get building!

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Sorry, my email is: twrig114@gmail.com

Hi Dan,

I want to make this boat. Could you email me the files and build instructions, please

My email is cello_chaves@yahoo.com.br

Thank you


I am interested in making this boat. Could you email me the CNC files and build instructions at jf.frenz@gmx.de

Hello Dan,

I was wondering if you could send the plans my way. My email is chiwea123@gmail.com


I am interested in making this boat. Could you email me the CNC files and build instructions at sam.bylett@gmail.com


Je suis aussi modeliste et je souhaiterai recevoir egalement le plan du RC Wing Sail Catamaran.

merci d'avance

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Bonjour Sigysmun,

Envoyez-moi un e-mail à <delliott@1220.com> et je vous enverrai les instructions de construction pour le kit Wing Sail Catamaran.



Je suis modéliste. Est-il possible de recevoir les plans du voilier pour réaliser un modéle naviguant ?

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Bonjour Richard,

Je serais ravi de vous aider. Veuillez m'envoyer un e-mail à <delliott@1220.com et je vous enverrai le PDF de l'instrumentation de construction et du travail de ligne CNC pour le kit Wing Sail Catamaran.


Hi Dan,

I love your cat & windsail design and would very much like to build them. I am an avid boater and kayaker and got into RC boating about 5 years ago. I have already built 3 RC sailboats, 3 powerboats and 2 home design & built iceboats. I would very much like to add this wonderful project to my armada.

Could you please e-msil me the CNC files and any instructions that may come with. I look forward to building this exciting project.

My e-mail address is: yakkerdad@hotmail.com

Thank you, Steve

Hi Dan,

I´m also interested in building this catamaran, it´s a great project!

Could you please share the CNC files and build instructions to my email? zulianarmando@gmail.com

Greeting from Uruguay!

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Hello Armando,

I would be happy to help. I will e-mail you all the information on the
Wing Sail Catamaran Model kit. Say hello to everyone in Uruguay for me!


Hi Mr Elliot,

My compliments for this wonderful wingsail boat. I am also interested in building this boat. Could you also send me al the details to do this. Could you email me at s.huurdeman@chello.nl with more details about this boat, the electronics, the assembly, and the approximate cost? Also, if you still offer kits and the kit price...thanks

Thank you very much!

Sjoerd ( the Netherlands )