Introduction: X37B X-37ABC Remote Controlled Aka X-37B-You-Live-You-Learn RC X-37B

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I must admit rather than been a traditional "Instructables", this is more a personal obsession.

I hope the Instructables community will excuse my: "You live, you learn", that sounds like a title of a James Bond's movie. :-)

I've started this project 3 years ago (Ok, I have to say that I have also a full time job that keeps me extremely busy).

I've built 9 prototypes of the X-37B and I was able to fly the 4th version (using a V939 quadcopter) and the last one I made (which is a glider).

I've built so many prototypes that I came to the conclusion this unmanned drone, flies in a very mysterious way, because my models don't (at least keeping the same design).

Step 1: Plans and Pizza Tray

Picture of Plans and Pizza Tray

Buy your favorite pizza at the local supermarket and you'll have a 3mm foam board included in the price.

Print my plan (adding 10%) and place the A4 on the polystyrene pizza tray.

Using (very carefully) an utility knife, cut the parts of the X-37ABC you live, you learn.

Using UHU Por (Foam Friendly), assemble all the parts.

Step 2: Electronics

Using the set up of my V.E.P. Very Easy Plane, you can control the X-37ABC using a Flysky FS-T6, a F939 pcb and a very small Lipo battery.

Step 3: Testing It...

I've successfully done a drop test (on a budget), inspired by the Yotuber Rctestflight.

My X-37ABC glides beautifully. You just need 10 metres of free-diviving to gain enough airspeed.

Step 4:


RC Lover san (author)2017-09-10

Please, take a look at the launch of my X-37ABC.

Alex in NZ (author)2017-04-24

Great project, thank you. There are not enough X-37 models out there!

RC Lover san (author)Alex in NZ2017-05-01

Thanks! As I've mentioned at the beginning of my Instructable, this unmanned drone became a bit of an obsession (for the way it flies).

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Bio: I studied Electrical Engineering and a lot of other things. I'm always driven by my passions. Please visit also my Youtube channel.
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