This is an instructable on how to build a RC pumpkin

Supplies needed-

-1 fake pumpkin
-carving tools
-small RC car (around 1:28 scale), I used a xmod for this project
-hot glue
-small amount of plastic

Step 1: Step 1: Carve the Pumpkin

First you have to carve out the circular top part just like on a real pumpkin. Then if you want to you can carve out designs. I did not carve designs on this pumpkin because it surprises you more when a pumpkin is there and then all of the sudden it starts driving away.

My 8 year old son and I both really like this pumpkin. Not sure if anyone else said this, I suspect someone has mentioned it. But if someone was to carve a face on it of some kind I would seriously suggest a flickery LED light for the candle look.
this is one of the randomest things i can think of. i love the idea of taking some weird object ad making it RC mobile. this might be good do with a roadcone or a coffee can or a beer can or anything else. love it!
This is hysterical!
i went on ebay and ive known atomicmods and both dont have any thing ceap but thanks for ansewering<br /> <br />
i will trade you an xmods challenger 2009 for your mustang<br />
It isn't really &quot;intact&quot; I probably have the pieces, but you could use the chassis of any evo xmod, if it is the body you are interested in, it has been painted a different color.&nbsp; Sorry but I don't really want to go to all the work to sort out shipping and everything, especially since I don't really use xmods any more.&nbsp; I'm sure that you can find a mustang body for a very low price on ebay, or you can try atomicmods, they have about everything for small RC, and that is where I got upgrades for my xmods when I used to race them.<br /> <br /> AI<br />
Hehe....I like it. If you're into Arduino, an autonomous pumkin would be even cooler.<br />
you could add a gyroscope and make the whole pumpkin roll with a bit more work i saw a basket ball like that on here
I might try that anyway its sweet
which xmod did you use?
Im not quite sure, but I think it was a evo mustang
I like this idea, it's clever! You could even make it into a jack-o-lantern by carving a face and illuminating it with LEDs.
Yes, I was planning on doing that, but it is more surprising without the face. I might still do that though.

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