Here's my truck (images not in any real order), some may have seen it before. More good stuff here www.chinnybeer.co.uk, please have a look and leave some comments cheers :-)
You should have made this an instructable.
Now done, have look :)
how do you modify the gears <br>
Now done, check it out
I did. I like it.
I will try and find the time over the next couple of days. It will happen.
This is now an Instructable, you can find it here:<br><br>https://www.instructables.com/id/RC-truck-with-2-speed-trans-suspension-and-steeri-1/<br><br>Cheers for looking :)
By popular (well 2) demand this has now been posted as an instructable, hope you can follow it ok :)
cool post

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