Introduction: RCA to JACK Adapter

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How to make the simplest RCA to Jack adapter for less than $14!

Step 1: Material Needed :

Picture of Material Needed :

1 : Circuit Board (sanded)

2 : RCA pin jack

1 : Standard pin jack

4 : wire (2 red and 2 black)

1 : solderer

Step 2: Insert the Component on Circuit Board

Picture of Insert the Component on Circuit Board

Begin with inserting of components on the circuit board.

Step 3: Solder Components After Insertion.

Picture of Solder Components After Insertion.

Step 4: The Wire ;

Picture of The Wire ;

Now solder the wire as shown in image

Step 5: The Finished Product!

Picture of The Finished Product!

That is all there is to it! For a more esthetically pleasing look, you can make a box (see image) and write over inputs L (left) and R (right). This project is made by Xkillerx97


MsSweetSatisfaction (author)2014-08-17

Very simply done, and who doesn't love a cheap fix? Thanks for sharing!

Becouse is a simple project xD

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