Introduction: RCB Sniper (instructions

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this is my first instruction.
please message me if you can't see a picture bad or
no instruted enough.
i will than add some picture's

Step 1: Build the Parts

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1-4: build the body twice
5-7:build the stock
8-10: build this
11-13: the foregrip
14:build this
15:build twice
16: middle handle build
17: spacers

Step 2: Build Gun

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1-4: add rods
5-8: add first layer
9-12: add second layer
13-16: add thirth layer
add top as well

Step 3: Build/add: Misc/mag/ammo

Picture of Build/add: Misc/mag/ammo

1:mag remover
15-end: how to add

Step 4: Loading and Bands

Picture of Loading and Bands


dr. richtofen (author)2012-01-26

Good instructions, but the sniper is ok. It's an bit outdated for today's standards, sorry but 4* (mostly for the good instructions, the gun itself is about 3.5*, it's good for using at home, but as I said outdated to post)

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