Introduction: RCP Mod

This is my mod for The Red Book of Westmarch's RCP (Red's Compact Pistol). --> [build]  |  [slideshow]

It's modded to shoot rods, and can use finned ammo! (it shot grey connectors before) and is quite powerful. It features a bullet lock on the front barrel, and front and back sights.

The mech is the same as the RCP's, as well as 80% of the back half (including the FP), so major credit to him.

It's kinda ugly (it's just a rectangle with a handle!) (I still think it looks cool :P)

I'm not planning to post (because it's not much different from TRBoW's) but the gun is still assembled if anyone wants me to.



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    i would love to build this mod, can you maybe just upload some pictures?

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    Unfortunately this is disassembled and those are all the pictures I have. Sorry :(

    wow thats good quality camera!! lol

    Nice. I like how you incorporated this kind of mechanism in a connector body gun (I almost always failed in doing that), and the iron sights look cool. Handle's a bit fat though.

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    Thanks! I wanted to 'beef up' the handle from TRBoW's original because my hands were so big that they'd wrap around too much and it was super uncomfortable.

    No problem. I see, some people have large hands, and like fat handles more. I prefer normal, 3 layered ones with black wheels.