REAL Minecraft Blocks!





Introduction: REAL Minecraft Blocks!

Minecraft is an AWESOME game, where you can build stuff from little cubes.  Everything is a cube.  Even YOU are a cube!

If you haven't played Minecraft yet, I strongly urge you to.  It is pretty awesome.

Christmas is coming up, and I have this friend who is slightly  completely OBSESSED with this game, so I figured I would make a set of REAL Minecraft blocks so that he could play Minecraft at work anytime he is offline!

This set of REAL Minecraft Blocks includes wood, grass, stone, brick, diamond, sand, a chest, and the head of a Creeper! 

All you need is
a set of 1-1/4" wooden cubes (about $3.00 for a pack of 8 at Hobby Lobby or Michael's)
some glue (I used elmers!)
a paintbrush
a printout of Minecraft Blocks (see attached PDF!)
Scissors / Paper Cutter Thingy

Step 1: Cut 'em Up!

Cut out your squares.  Try to keep them in little groups of the block type.  

Different blocks have different sides to them, so I included in the PDF a little instruction telling you which side each picture goes on.  (not shown in picture)

Paper cutters work WONDERFULLY for this, though you can use normal scissors as well.

Step 2: Bricks!

We'll start with an easy one.  Bricks!

Bricks have the same image on all of the sides, just make sure the patterns line up! 

Spread a little glue on one side of your wooden block, and use your paintbrush to make sure you have a thin layer coating the entire side.

Stick on your image and align it.

Repeat for all sides as needed.  

This same method is also used for sand, stone, and diamonds.

Step 3: Getting Hard - Making Wood

Wood is a bit trickier.  The sides need to line up so that the grain is all running in the same pattern on the sides.

and of course the top and bottom are a bit different from the grain.

Congrats!  You've got wood!

Step 4: Now Grab the Chest...

The chest is one of the trickier blocks to make.  

The sides need to line up so that the line for the lid is even, with the piece with the latch on it in the front.

The top and bottom are the pieces without the line!

Step 5: Grass!

The grass block.

People see this and IMMEDIATELY think Minecraft, so you gotta get it right!

Make sure the grass and dirt line up all around the sides.  The fully green one goes on top with the green, the fully brown one on bottom by the brown.

Tada!  Grass!

Step 6: Creeper Face!

To make the head of a Creeper (sorry, only the head!) simply paste the face on first, followed by all the other sides.

Step 7: TADA!!!!


Play with them at home, put them on your desk at work!  Bask in your nerdy glory!!!

If you want, you can seal them with spray-on acrylic gloss spray.

I don't really recommend mod-podge or other water-based sealants that you brush on, as they can make the ink run or smudge when you're applying it.

For more awesome projects, visit my blog...The Procrastibaker!



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    do they have the wood at hobby lobby?

    ummmmmmmmmmmm......... where do u get de cubes in AU???????????????

    plz answer cause i realy wnt to make dem

    You should be able to find them at your local hobby store, such as Jo-Anne Fabrics or Hobby Lobby.

    Im about to do this, but was thinking of painting them instead. Amazing use of innuendo. :)

    this is cool but another easy way to get the blocks is just download any minecraft texture pack and search for the block you want. the print the png at like 500% or something.