This is a gourmet candy made with pansy (Viola Odorata). You can find them from february to may in the woods or in gardens. 
The "violette" (how we call them in Italy) are sweet and perfumed, and they look really decorative and delicate.
You can eat these pretty candy just by themselves, use them to accompany a cup of espresso or to decorate icecream, dessert or cakes.


Picture of WHAT YOU NEED
-violet (pansy, botanical name: viola odorosa), for as many candy you want to make. Pick the fresher and bigger one. Thake them far away from a street and If you think    they may be dirty you can gently wash them and let them dry on a clean towel; don't remove the stem.
-sugar (enough for deep all your violet);
-water (the sam weight of the water you are going to use).
shazni2 years ago
looks nice...I don't think I've seen this before...thanks :-)
marcellahella (author)  shazni2 years ago
Thanks! In Italy they are popular, we do also the ice-cream with the violet
sunshiine2 years ago
I soooooooooo want to do this! I have a difficult time finding organic flowers though. I am growing my own so I can make delicious edible flowers! Thanks for sharing and have a great day!
marcellahella (author)  sunshiine2 years ago
Thats a good idea to plant them! and the violet grow and multiplied so fast ones they find a place they like
marcellahella (author)  sunshiine2 years ago
BrittLiv2 years ago
Try adding corn syrup before cooking the sugar, it will prevent it from crystallizing
marcellahella (author)  BrittLiv2 years ago
but will they become hard anyways?
Yes, they will.

If you would like a very clear, non crystallized end result without any yellowish tint, try using isomalt (I used it for my last instructable, it is easier to work with and the end result is really nice). You've probably noticed, that you can't leave the candy in contact with air for to long, because they will get sticky, this wont happen quite as easy with isomalt either. Btw. I love your chalkboard clothes pin and your stone tower.
marcellahella (author)  BrittLiv2 years ago
Thanks for the tips!