If you dont have VLC you can download it from this link:

Open your favorite internet radio station using VLC or Winamp

Make sure you can hear the music playing before you continue...

Step 1: In Winamp

Open File > View File Info

Using the COPY command in Windows, Copy the "Stream Address" at the top of the box into Windows memory.

<p>Thanks for your guide, but it may be somewhat hard for newbie.</p><p>The preparations will take some time, lol.</p><p>You may try convenient audio recorders, just one-click to record any sound. Here are some recommendations: <a href="http://www.mp3grabber.net/top-audio-recording-software.html" rel="nofollow">http://www.mp3grabber.net/top-audio-recording-software.html</a></p>
Here's a FREE Batch file I wrote for VLC that will do all the dirty work for you to record easily. You only need to specify your 1. Url stream 2. File name for your stream and 3.Record time <br>enjoy DP :-) <br>http://rghost.net/51295940
Always have a issue with VlC iHeart-ClearChannel streams from the commandline this is a little more hoops to go thru but this manual way works perfect! <br>If you want a easier way I would recommend the free radioSure internet radio app ( http://www.radiosure.com/downloadz/downloadz-select/ ) It's just a 2 click process with selecting your station then clicking on the record button..DP <br>
The method through VLC is FREE while the radiosure method is $10 after the 48 hour trial. The object of this method is that is costs nothing to the end user. I do understand that there are other methods that cost money including radiosure and the wondershare product. If people want to spend money to accomplish recording radio streams, then I suggest they not bother with this method.
Thanks for introducing, while I would like to try some easier ways to record streaming audios, check this simple 123 step tutorial <a href="http://www.wondershare.com/convert-video-audio/record-streaming-audio.html" rel="nofollow">here</a>.
Thanks for your comment! I gave up on the ever changing methods behind VLC and purchased that exact software about 6 months ago. While it still can be done with VLC, it is much simpler with that software.
That's great. maybe you could share some skills of that streaming audio recorder if you have time.
VLC is great, but now I found a better audio recorder. <br>http://www.capturemusic.org/ <br>It helps me record any sound on my computer, including flash sound. And I can download lots of free music, convert the songs into the format I need. Since I used the app, listen to the music became more available than before.
Will this work for vlc 0.8.6i or only for newest release ?
Neat, but I'm a fan of using Audacity to record (and edit) streaming audio--it's a lot easier than jumping through all those hoops.

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