Picture of MATERIALS
 See drawing for list of materials. Smooth wall plastic water bottles  have a wall thin enough to cut with a sharp blade or Xacto [R] blade. Wood hub can be any scrap lumber about 1x1x1 size..Cup hook eyelets are used here .5/8 size is easy to use for mounting and insertion into the hub.Predrilling of a hole will aid screw in assembly.
     Crimps can be found in small packages in any Art and Craft store.
     Wood screws shown are available from any dollar store or your junk pile.
     String- fish cord of 10 lb. strength is very thin and strong. Otherwise use plastic or stretch-Polymer cord of 1 millimeter size found in Craft stores everywhere. Packing string can be used but you will not get the long term use from it.
zazu_2471 year ago
Wasn't this in "twister"
mistic (author)  zazu_2471 year ago
I am not sure. Many of my designs are 're used.
I will review and let you know.
Doctor What5 years ago

Just a thought.

You might want to split step 2 up into smaller chunks.  It contains a lot of steps inside it, and you would get a more complete ible that way.
Agreed - plus more images.
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 Thanks for the input K- I added the pictures of possible new modifications that are  possible using this Ibl.
mistic (author)  Doctor What5 years ago
 Hope the revision is more clear.Thanks for the input.