Step 1: To Do a RECYCLING Light Bulbs You Need!!!

In today's video I'm going to show you 2 super hand made ideas for cottage or for room or house decor amateurs!

Step 2: Don't Hurry to Throw Away a Burned-out Light Bulb Because It Is Possible to Give Her a Second Life, However It Will Acquire Absolutely Different Meaning.

A super extraordinary beautiful and creative hanger for your house or cottage can be made with an incandescent lamp.

Step 3: There Are Many Ideas of Making Things Out of Incandescent Lamps Depending on Your Fantasy and Your Desire to Make Something Beautiful, Creative and Extraordinary!

Step 4: Be Creative!

Create unusual ideas and stay strong in the pursuit of your goals!

<p>Nice idea, but what happens if the glass cracks and/or breaks?</p>
<p>I've seen a different hack where, after the cement is done, the guy breaks the glass off to avoid future accidents.</p>
Fantastic idea!<br>It would be nice if you actually described all steps instead of forcing readers to view video. What powder are you using? What is in the syringe?
<p>I can see this being a great door/draw handle</p>

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