RED BARON.Baron Rojo.





Introduction: RED BARON.Baron Rojo.

About: What should I say...? I need more Tools !!

Behold my kid´s favorite toy, made it from a Spray can and other stuff.Hope you like it rated and vote.
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    hello senor, I made insects and small animal toys from reused plastic. you can see foto's on facebook jan willem slabbekoorn. Would you please have a look and give me your comment please?
    i hope this link to the foto's works
    greetings J W Slabbekoorn

    1 reply

    LOVELY Creations!!!!...Keep Up the good work every Day...!!!

    Tenemos un ganador.....!!!!Good luck...

    Veeeeee....primo ese es el q estuvo en Expoartesanías....?Muy vkno...

    1 reply

    Ese mismo...y no viene solo....ya viene la Artillería Pesada...."Aw Aw Aw..".(300).

    Thnk U so much splazem...

    What about you...time to another Ible...?Love you Baby Girl.

    Would love to see a step-by-step on your process for the next toy you make!!

    3 replies

    For Sure... there you Go:

    BTW...thnks for the comment...I´m your Fan.Wish Me Luck...What if I tried with other colors....? Would Qualified for the Rainbow Contest...?

    I love it! And I love the phrase "Tools up!" I'm definitely going to use that.

    You gave me an idea...I got a Mission to do...I dont Fail you. Tools up...!!!!

    What if I change the pics for recently ones...?Does it qualifies for the rainbow Color contest....?...

    What a cute toy! And a cute little kid too! :D