Give to your ride a little style with this fancy valve caps.
A pair of Red Dices.
Valve caps.
Super Glue. 
With the help of the dremel,make a hole in the center of the dice.Glue inside of the hole the valve cap.And install it.
Hope you like it rated and vote.

scarleman11 months ago
alsome Idea
Tater Zoid made it!1 year ago


snotty2 years ago
Yeah! I like it.

There's an even simpler method: Drill a slightly smaller hole and jam the valve cap in. Use a wrap of tape on the drillbit as a depth gauge so you don't blast though the die.

Sometimes I carve down the ridges on the valve cap a little or, if I drilled too wide, I wrap a layer of electrical tape around the cap and then pressure fit.

onrust2 years ago
What a delicious looking bike. Nice work :)
ynze2 years ago
So sweet! Ironic: because they're so cool, they will be stolen from my bike in a matter of minutes in bike-crazy Holland, where I live :-s

I like the bike too, btw :-)

Mr.Sanchez (author)  ynze2 years ago
Well in bike-crazy Colombia there is a lot of thiefs, but ironically I've had riding my bike for almost six months and the valvs still there,It´s just matter of use propertly bike parking zones.
The bike was rescued from a junkyard.It has almost 40 years.Its part of a project that I'm working with six bike frames.
Thnks for the comment and stay tuned for most zombie bikes projects.
voyageur102 years ago
Nice! Why didn't I think of that??
noname4202 years ago
Quick, simple and awesome 5 stars
Mr.Sanchez (author)  noname4202 years ago
Thnk U so much noname420 !!
M.C. Langer3 years ago
Love it! :-)