Give to your ride a little style with this fancy valve caps.
A pair of Red Dices.
Valve caps.
Super Glue. 
With the help of the dremel,make a hole in the center of the dice.Glue inside of the hole the valve cap.And install it.
Hope you like it rated and vote.

alsome Idea
Yeah! I like it. <br> <br>There's an even simpler method: Drill a slightly smaller hole and jam the valve cap in. Use a wrap of tape on the drillbit as a depth gauge so you don't blast though the die. <br> <br>Sometimes I carve down the ridges on the valve cap a little or, if I drilled too wide, I wrap a layer of electrical tape around the cap and then pressure fit. <br> <br>
What a delicious looking bike. Nice work :)
So sweet! Ironic: because they're so cool, they will be stolen from my bike in a matter of minutes in bike-crazy Holland, where I live :-s <br> <br>I like the bike too, btw :-) <br> <br>Y.
Well in bike-crazy Colombia there is a lot of thiefs, but ironically I've had riding my bike for almost six months and the valvs still there,It&Acirc;&acute;s just matter of use propertly bike parking zones. <br>The bike was rescued from a junkyard.It has almost 40 years.Its part of a project that I'm working with six bike frames. <br>Thnks for the comment and stay tuned for most zombie bikes projects.
Nice! Why didn't I think of that??
Quick, simple and awesome 5 stars
Thnk U so much noname420 !!
Love it! :-)

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