this is the best way to scare the crap out of your fan-boy friends! this does not give you the red ring of death it just gives you the illusion that you have it! ***DISCLAIMER*** i am not responsible for any harm that your friends do to you after the prank.

Step 1: HOW TO DO IT!

when your friend is not looking pull the a/v cable plug out a slight bit like it shows in the picture. turn on your friends 360 after this it will give the illusion that he has the rrod! its no that funny because my friend did this to me and i cried. Im just joking i didn't i was just a little mad!

this only works with older 360 from before 2009 so any 360 after 2008 wont work.

how it works. when you do this the red lights come on for a reason the reason is to show you
that there is connection problems i got this information at thanks for viewing my instructable and please rate it good for the april fools instructables contest!!

Step 2: ****DISCLAIMER*****

i am not responsible for any harm that your friends do to you after the prank.
(they probably wont do anything to you)



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    Hey ermm just woundering because im not too sure about the x box 360 what does the red ring of death mean whats it meant to make the other person think?

    yea, I wasn't quite sure about what it was either, I'm not much of a gammer, well, a new gammer, I like low res stuff

    Oh sorry, resolution, I like the pixely stuff, space invaders, ally cat, basically any dos game you can find. I have a game cube, and enjoy it because they had to crush down game info onto a CD 1/3 the normal size, both convenient for traveling and fun to spot glitches. And by "new gammer" I meant I don't really care for the new stuff out there such as the Call of Duties, and the Xbox live stuff. (hmmm, firefox says its spelled "gamer" shows you how much I play lol)

    Pixelated games you say? There is a series of pixelated games called robot wants fishy/ kitty/ puppy/ ice cream/ and im sure there might be another one.

    mtm academy has Robot wants Ice Cream. has the rest of them i think.

    oh sweet you like space invaders well since you like space invaders you should see my jacket its got space invaders on it lol!

    The red ring of death pretty much means that you xbox is screwed.

    Its when three lights turn red around the power button and it means...basicly
    EPIC FAILIURE!!!! ;( but yeah pretty much broken till you find a good 'ible on how to fix it^^

    it means hard ware failure or it means it just broke and you can never use it again lol