In the 80's, when I was a kid, I watch "HE-MAN AND THE MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE" on TV. But my favorite character wasn't He-Man. Or Skeletor. It was Trap Jaw (and Teela and Evil-Lyn because they are hot, but this is another history). Trap Jaw is AWESOME, because he is a cyborg who has a... well, a trap jaw and a bionic arm with many arm-aments. I'm very sorry of the Filmation's series showing him as an incompetent fool. But I repeat: HE IS A.W.E.S.O.M.E.!

So, I made a Trap Jaw helmet for Halloween. I use 2 safety helmets, epoxic, 2 viewers from motorcyclist helmets (for the jaw and the back), PVC conduit and red paint.

Later, for Halloween, I will make the bionic arm. But, for the moment, TRAP JAW RULES!!!!!
How did you make the helmet? The main body is almost exactly what I'm looking at doing (a few friends and I are trying to do Caesar's Legionaries[Fallout:New Vegas] for Halloween) and other than buy ridiculously expensive 1950s style football helmets, something like this would work perfectly.
Hi Phedoiken! I I found two safety helmets and I remove the spiders (the belts for the head). Then, I joined the two helmets making a ball, and cut the protrusions. Cut the area where you will put your head. Take a motorcycle helmet visor for the back part.<br><br>Use epoxic for shaping the helmet, and the use sandpaper and paint.
<p> I&nbsp;was just looking for some He-Man costumes to wear and I was looking at buying a <a href="http://www.findthefilm.com/fancydress/adult_skeletor_costume.php">Skeletor costume</a> but&nbsp;your Trap Jaw mask&nbsp;is so much cooler, would you make one for me if I paid you?</p>
good work
Thanks Gergohogbeido! :-)
Thanks!!! :-)
nice looks a bit ahed of my time though be a cool robot head
Thanks Tinker!!! :-)
I'd like to see the Cleveland Browns update their helmets to something similar...
Lol <br>
:-) Thanks!!!
Go mario...rated and for sure voted...
Gracias Mr. Sanchez!!
<br> &quot;You win this time Trap-Jaw.&quot;<br> <br> L<br>
:|]<br><br>Oooooh YEAH!!!
cool! nice work
Thanks!!! :-)

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