Using TSOP IR sensor you can controll any home appliances(cealing fan,refrigerator,etc..)
with any remote.

Step 1: Components Need

°• TSOP ( any type)
°• capacitor 10 uf × 1
°• resistor
1k × 1
330 ohm × 1
°• LED × 1
°• 6V relay × 1 ( for controling appliance )

Step 2: Circuit

Here the circuit for IR controlled LED.

Step 3: Replacing Relay

Just replace the 330 ohm resistor and LED and place the 6 volt relay now you can controll any electrical device.
<p style="color: black;">Hi,</p><p style="color: black;">There's a few issues with your material that you might wanna correct.</p><p style="color: black;">First, TSOP is an acronym for a certain SMD package (Thin Small Outline Package) and while I'm aware that some people use this term for what should be termed &quot;Integrated IR receiver&quot;, this is neither correct, nor helpful, as it's only certain integrated IR receivers that carry the TSOP prefix (from Vishay), no matter if they're not TSOP packages</p><p style="color: black;">Second, your schematic is flawed (and doesn't work as shown), as you swapped collector and emitter of Q1. Further, if you really wanna slow down/integrate the signal from the IR, you'd get better results from placing a resistor in front of C1.</p><p style="color: black;">Depending on your power source, a 10..100&micro;F cap over the supply terminals (of the IR receiver) may be needed.</p><p style="color: black;">When you get that fixed, you could continue to make a receiver that responds to the actual codes as a new project :)</p>
Thank you

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