REMPAR-1 Slideshow (REmovable Magazine Pump-Action Rifle Mark 1)

Hey guys !!!

This is my brand new gun. I got it to shoot 83 feet.
It's my second most accurate gun (after the Triple S Rifle), It uses a 10 round (or more) removable magazine, and, of course, IT'S PUMP-ACTION !!!

83 feet range with 3 #28 bands
extremely accurate
removable magazine
10 round magazine
doesn't jam
easy to pump
7 layers
weighs about 1.7 kg/3.75 pounds
100% reliable, innovative true trigger
handle comforts/ supports/ whatever-s
removable (and therefore switchable) cheek rest with eye protector
plastic sights, no scope
dense and heavy stock to balance the weight on the front
strong ram, trigger, barrel. enables to put A LOT of band power. i use 3 #28 bands and it's still amazingly easy to pump
really easy to pump and really easy to pull the trigger
short pump/ram pull
you can easily fix a miss-pump

i would like to ask you all to subscribe for more great guns.

Be sure to check out the video and the instructions as well.
:D posted! DEFINATELY gonna build it when i get time.
come on man post it i think its epic
Sharir1701 (author)  ninjabuilder122 years ago
just an inch above your comment there is a line that says be sure to check out the ... instructions as well, with a link. seriously, please look around just a little bit before you comment.
I love it and plz post
Sharir1701 (author)  TheAwesomestDude3 years ago
i will, soon.

also, thanks !!!
sweet ill build if i have enough parts
Sharir1701 (author)  TheAwesomestDude3 years ago
tom tom go3 years ago
By the way I will post a very cool crossbow :D let me now what you think.
Sharir1701 (author)  tom tom go3 years ago
This guy's comment are a bit weird, eh?
thanks for calling me weird.... but I read my own commend again and I thougt: yea maby your right, lol
Sharir1701 (author)  The Chunky Sniper!3 years ago
by the way, what are your thoughts on the gun?

i like to say, the more feedback, the better.
Utterly brilliant, I wish I had the time and patience to build more stuff.
Sharir1701 (author)  The Chunky Sniper!3 years ago
thanks a lot !!!
Sharir1701 (author)  The Chunky Sniper!3 years ago
a little, yeah, but who is either of us to judge him...
Kinetic3 years ago
Looks cool. Doesn't seem like you're getting the max amount of pullback possible for the pin. Maybe extend the barrel a bit and try a different trigger setup so you can pull the pump further and catch the ram further back?
Sharir1701 (author)  Kinetic3 years ago
i don't need to. it gets 83 feet as it is right now, and
A. that's enough for me.
B. if i were to make it longer, the gun would be a LOT longer. too long to be a normal gun.

thanks anyway !!!
This looks great.
Sharir1701 (author)  beanieostrich3 years ago
thanks !!!
Seleziona3 years ago
why's it so thick? I'm thinking it's because the pump is on the outside of the gun, and you just put a shell around it, right? Anyways, it looks pretty good, maybe a little too piece consuming though.
Sharir1701 (author)  Seleziona3 years ago
yes, it's thick because the actual body inside the gun that is connected to the pump and moves the ram back is 5 layers thick (it has to be to accommodate a removable magazine, unless you find out how to make a 1 layer mag lol), and therefore the shell of the gun has to be 7 layers thick to hold it.

about the piece consuming thing, it does use quite a lot of pieces, yes, but WAY less than you'd think, because most of it is just hollow (barrel, mag storage, and other smaller hollow areas). anyway, you can quite easily reduce a lot of parts by just making empty parts like the stock, hollow. anyway, to answer your question, it doesn't use much more pieces than your average knex rifle.

thanks, anyway...
tom tom go3 years ago
you really have to post this as soon as you can!!!!!