REMPAR-2 Instructions (REmovable Mag Pump-Action Rifle Mark-2)





Introduction: REMPAR-2 Instructions (REmovable Mag Pump-Action Rifle Mark-2)

hey guys !!!

first of all, i'd like to say that in about a week's time since i posted the slideshow and video, i got nothing but positive reviews,most of which were even "beyond positive", if you know what i mean... anyway, thanks to everyone that inspired me to post an 'ible for this great weapon of mine. here is the thing you were all waiting for, so get building (you won't regret it).

so if you haven't seen it yet, this is my pump-action rifle that has a removable magazine, something i've never seen before on a pump-action (therefore, the reason i started making this gun in the first place). according to oblivitus, he counted the number of shots and the number of seconds passing on my vid, and found that it shot a little over 3 rounds per sec (AWESOOOME !!!!). also, i got it to shoot 83 feet. it's dead accurate too. all these things and more are explained on the vid, so check it out (link at the bottom).

mark-1 stats:
83 feet range with 3 #28 bands
extremely accurate
removable magazine
10 round magazine
doesn't jam
easy to pump
7 layers
weighs about 1.7 kg/3.75 pounds
100% reliable, innovative true trigger
handle comforts/ supports/ whatever-s
removable (and therefore switchable) cheek rest with eye protector
plastic sights, no scope
dense and heavy stock to balance the weight on the front
strong ram, trigger, barrel. enables to put A LOT of band power. i use 3 #28 bands and it's still amazingly easy to pump
really easy to pump and really easy to pull the trigger
short pump/ram pull
you can easily fix a miss-pump

mods in mark-2:
slightly easier to pump
you can now swap between pumps (handle, horizontal, vertical, etc.). i can do so in a little less than a minute
gun's structure a little stronger
fixed a few things in the pump body that made it quite uncomfortable (in mark-1)
strengthened ram for more band pressure
added safety
added wheels where one of the bands goes to prevent it from often ripping
a few other minor things were modded for the better

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Be sure to check out the video and the slideshow as well.

Step 1: Front Portion

so let's get building ! this is the front portion and the bottom of the barrel as well. rather easy step. read image notes.

Step 2: Pump Body

this is another simple step, not too much work in it. read image notes.

Step 3: Stock & Main Body

this step is the tricky part. it is quite long, but fairly simple. read image notes.

Step 4: Assembly of Inner Parts

in this step we will put together all of the parts we have built so far. this step is rather easy. read image notes.

Step 5: Outter Shell & Band Placement

this step is easy. read image notes.

NOTE: i wanted to save on pieces for this part, so i used blue rods instead of 5-way and 8-way connectors with a bunch of tiny green rods on them. if you want, you can make it with connectors and tiny green rods instead of blue rods.

Step 6: Magazine & Attachments

in this step you will build the magazine, and see all of the attachments that the gun has (hopefully the number will grow with time).
surprisingly, READ IMAGE NOTES.



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Really an incredible project. However, I'm having a bit of trouble with the last bit of step 2 for the pump itself. Is there anywhere I can find a little more detailed instructions for that part?

Hi, here is my version of your REMPAR, this is one of the best guns I have built in Knex. It is powerful easy to pump and very innovative. Finished building it yesterday and the highest range so far is about 75 ft, which is good if you think that it is pump action and really easy to pull back. I highly recommend to anyone who has the parts to build this gun it is a beast!!

Knex REMPAR 2.jpg

Thank you so much for your comment! It really is just that that drives me to make these guns, and although I haven't posted in a very long while, I have a couple of guns planned that I am already working on, no spoilers, but one of them is a lever action and it's something I've been working on for over a year now (on and off, granted). Thank you for the awesome pic and fantastic words, I am ever so grateful to everyone who has ever said such things to me... I hope you stay tuned for a while, you have some awesome guns headed your way from me, and one of them is to do with this gun, nothing more I can say at this point. I absolutely agree with everything you said and I remember how much fun it was, specs aside, just to play around with this gun for the fun of it... :D Thank you very much, again, for the motivation, and good day to you, fine sir!

Part list please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Please don't go about asking people for parts lists on their guns. I won't explain why just because I'm too lazy to do that at this time, but you shouldn't do that if you do not wish to annoy people.

it looks cool, when I have enough parts I would build it someday.

thanks! good luck to you in that same day.

Hey are there any special parts on this i.e blue clips and if there are nblue clips can teh be subbed? plz respond fast cuz i wanna build