After a while your earphone jack gets weak and starts to wear out. So instead of using a black tape around it, try it out with Sugru with just these simple steps....


1 pack of sugru

Step 2:

First, take out the sugru pack and take out just half of the sugru.

Step 3:

Next you need to just put the sugru on the exposed part. Ensure that no part is left out. You can shape it in the form you have using blade of a cutter. Make sure you do not cut yourself!

Step 4:

You can then roll the sugru on your hand to get a smooth texture

Step 5:

We were interested in making a cone like shape so we left it to dry out like that. At this point you can also add in features like a mark. You can put in your name initials if you wish.


Your fixed earphone!!!
<p>I never even heard of this product! This is great! I have been babying a charging cord for my computer pad device (rhymes with grapple) and they are notorious for being weak in a specific place and splitting around the casing exposing the wires inside (the wire coating, not the copper unless you continue to use it). Once that happens you either live in fear or part with another $29.95 for a new cord...grrr. I'm going out and buying some of this tomorrow and digging out my weakened cords that I saved...just in case...</p>

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